Saturday, December 4, 2010


A little bird told me Matthew was being somewhat neglected when it comes to pictures. It cannot be! So I am here to remedy that. Caught on camera (by our Micah) is Daddy-O with the Matthew-boy. I was stuck in the kitchen, washing dinner dishes and saw all this lovin' happening and was jealous! Those snuggles aren't always very long lasting when you have a squirmy 5 month-old.
And this little one is really loving his feet right now. It may look like he's sucking on his thumb (he never does); he's actually going for the feet. I just love his face. Could kiss it all day long. When the end of my life comes, I want to know I've given my children each thousands of kisses and hugs. I gotta get 'em in while they still let me. I have to practically wrangle Colin to the ground to get one in anymore.
Christmas shopping is just about done. My favorite way in sitting in front of my computer and using Amazon. I know I should support my local economy better. And we do shop here, but it's hard to resist the convenience and prices. I have one last item still to buy for Mira. Been checking KSL, but haven't found it yet. The other kids are good to go.
Colin, Micah, Ella, and Mira have been saving up their chore money to buy gifts for one another. We'll be taking them out one by one in the next couple of weeks to do their shopping. I'm looking forward to that. It will be fun to see what they end up getting for each other.


Maren and Blake said...

Ok, I am the little bird, but can you blame me? He's so cute and yes, he looks so kissable. Do I really have to wait until August to kiss those cheeks? Of course I am talking about Matthew.

Jennettehogan said...

Awww Nicole, he is so cute. Love that first picture of him snuggling with his daddy. I am afraid that when I finally get to mee him, he will be walking. We must get together soon! Maybe over Christmas break??