Friday, January 14, 2011

Jazz Clinic

Because Chad and Amber share season tickets (in the nosebleed section, mind you!), we get occassional perks: one being the children's Jazz clinic. Chad took the boys to learn from a couple of the Jazz rookies, Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans.
You can see Colin (the back of him, anyway, #8) working a drill with Gordon Hayward.
And Micah (#24, his Junior Jazz jersey) getting ready to pass the ball around his middle and overhead to the person behind him.
Colin drilling.
Micah putting it overhead.
Jeremy Evans and Gordon Hayward.
Colin (trying not to look) excited about getting their pictures autographed.
Micah (obviously) excited! dleat (that was Micah typing "delete" because he wants me to delete this picture.)


Maren and Blake said...

SO fun. I am sure these will be memories for a long time.

buildingburkmemories said...

well that is super much fun for your boys...sometimes people in utha are just