Friday, January 28, 2011

My Creation

Thanks to the talent and patience of my friend, Kim Brown, I made this today! Ella wanted a Hello Kitty themed party. You may or may not remember the Barbie cake I made for her (was it?) last year. She loved it, anyway. This year I am actually proud to display my work! With tremulous hands I worked the icing. I feel like this is a jumping-off point for me and I can branch out and look for other (simple!) cakes to make for future birthdays. Hooray for me!
The talented Kim. I told her, "I want to be hands on so I am actually doing it, but I want you to talk me through it." She was a great teacher. I know that on the inside she must have been itching to grab the bag away from me and make it perfection, but she didn't let on.
Speaking of creations, here's another one. My lovely Ella. She's holding up a page of homework. We were working on her making the letters of her name properly. I think she's got the hang of the 'r' and 'n' now.

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Maren and Blake said...

What a perfect cake. I need to come and get some tips. How did you make the shape? Was it a special pan or did you cut it? I love the bow too. I will call you Baker Nicole.