Saturday, January 22, 2011

Relating to Matthew

Here are examples of how each child interacts with Matthew.

*"How's the Matthew-boy?"
*Picks him up out of his Jumperoo or from the floor (that's as much weight as she can possibly carry, and it's a little precarious at that) and brings him to me.
*"Let me hold him, Mom."
*"Oh, baby, do you need a toy? Do you? Do you?"
*Tries to feed him. Tries. Without shoving the spoon into the back of his mouth and getting food all over.
*Begs to change his diaper (as long as it's not messy)
* Loves to pick out his outfits
*Styles his hair. Even if it's just her spit and hands! Lol.

*Picks him up out of his crib when he wakes. Brings him to me.
*Brings him toys
*Puts blankets out on the kitchen floor for him to sit/lay on so he can be near me while I work in the kitchen
*Tickles him
*The first one to smell if there's a stinky diaper
*Holds him and walks around with him to calm him down

*"Mom, you are so lucky because you get to be with him all day long. I wish I could stay home all day with him. When I grow up, the mom is going to work so I can stay home with the baby." Aw!
*Picks him up out of bed.
*Carries him around, trying to soothe him when he's upset
*Is very aware of any distress Matthew is in
*Shows him off to any friends

*Will stay home and babysit (while Matthew's sleeping) if I have to run somewhere quickly
*Can't stand to hear Matthew cry. Picks him up and brings him right over.
*Likes to blow gently in his face to elicit that funny look babies get.

They all want to be up close and personal when I'm bathing him or changing his diaper. I have no personal space whatsoever when it comes to feeding him, either. Matthew loves having all these people to entertain him.

These days Matthew is sitting up really well. When on his belly, he can turn in circles to get to something. He's starting to scoot a little. I think he understands the word "kitty," because whenever I say it to him, he looks around for Tiger. He's still exclusively attached to me. No one takes the place of Mom (makes me feel great!). He's getting more used to baby food. Still just once a day. I mixed rice cereal with a little squash today and he ate it well.

His eyes still look blue. Two bottom teeth rein. Hair and lashes are turning blonde. Drools, but not excessively. Loves bathtime. Doesn't love the jumparoo or high chair so much. Goes to bed best when static is on the radio. Chews, doesn't suck his paci.

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Jennettehogan said...

aww, I still have to meet the little guy!
My kids love picking up madelyn and hauling her all over the place. Usually I dont mind, but when Sam and Ben do it. Oh, and Adrienne will pick her up and swing her from side to side. Makes me a little nervous!