Friday, January 14, 2011

Vacation Day-Gateway Children's Museum

Since we're inside so much of the time in the winter, it's nice to have somewhere to go for the kids to run around (besides home!) and play. Matthew isn't mobile yet. Which means we can plant him on the ground and not have to worry! But not for long.
We just have to watch what's around him because it will go in his mouth!
The boys had their fun upstairs where there are more age-appropriate things for them. I kept trying to get a good photo of Colin. He was having none of it!
Mira was proud of her creation.
Ella was happy to make little houses.
Ha ha, Colin! Got you!
Ella and Micah creating.
Colin's running away from the camera.
As quickly as he can.
We can't even hold him!
Sure, he's laughing, but he's dead serious about NO pictures!
Ella using her imagination with the dollhouse.
Matthew (with a large drip of drool ready to fall) and Chad. Matthew was pretty content to be toted around and follow his brothers and sisters.
Colin and Micah spent quite a bit of time putting these pipes together to make a ball track.
What girl does not love to dress up?
There's this cool animation station which Micah loves. He takes dozens of still pictures, moving his figures, and creates a story.
I love all the different things there are to do here! There's a farm, market with cash registers. Everything is perfect for the kids.
I took Matthew over to a quite corner in the toddler area. It was relaxing to just sit back and let him play. I must say, having a baby is a perfect excuse to escape sometimes! :)The kids are all so good with Matthew. They are always happy to take him for a minute or two while I am busy. When he wakes up in the morning, they run to get him out of bed and bring him to me. If he's crying, they are distressed and want to soothe him. They love him!I think Matthew is actually starting to enjoy his rice cereal.
Still messy!

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