Friday, January 14, 2011

Vacation Day-Utah State Capitol

Chad had three vacation days this week. Initially, he was supposed to go up to Montana for a few days to work. Since it's not happening until February, we decided to use those vacation days and do a little local sightseeing.

Before taking off, Matthew's getting a little rice cereal. He's now starting to get more in his belly than all over us when he spits it out!
We had a docent take us through the capitol. Although I've driven past it many times, I've never actually been inside. We had a watered-down version, but still learned some things. This is the Senate Room. We learned that this room depicted the sky with the color scheme and murals. The House of Representatives room had earth tones and mural. This is to signify that the Senate is above the House of Representatives.
Here we are sitting in the Supreme Court. Here we learned that when you say a student has "passed the bar", it's because they are then allowed to literally pass by the bar (or gate behind which spectators sit) to argue the case.
And the rotunda was my favorite. It's so spacious. The murals depict significant explorers/settlers in Utah's history: Father Escalante, John Fremont, Brigham Young, and Peter Skene Ogden.
One of the four statues that represent the older generation passing down their knowledge to the younger generation. And our cute girls!
Way up in the dome is the sky with seagulls (California gull is the state bird).
Taking the tour (before Matthew gets tired and grumpy).
In the Gold Room, we learned that the doors look like wood, but are actually metal. They have meetings, meals, conferences here. (Ella is telling me this.) There was actual gold leaf in the room. The pieces of furniture are from different countries around the world: Scotland, Russia, Ireland, etc. Colin says he missed some information our docent shared, because we were with a rowdy group of middle school students.
I am so glad we went, and I would love to go back sometime with Chad to get the full-fledged tour.

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