Monday, February 28, 2011


Just look at those two little munchkins! Mira wants to be a big girl like Ella and have her own friends over. Thankfully, just up the street we have a perfect playmate. Mira loves to pick her up. Ailie...not so much. It's so cute, hearing them talk together in their tiny little voices. Speaking of which, Mira's voice is pretty distinctive. Several people have mentioned that. I think it's the her lower, raspy tone. And she still pronounces 'r' as 'w' and when she makes a soft 'g' 'ch' or 'sh' it comes out as a lateral sibilant. (Colin loves to tease her about this.) It's fun to hear how kids pronounce things before they learn to say them correctly. Example: the other night Mira said, "It's time for fanny eening!" (Family Home Evening) Dolls.
And my little Ella is imitating Barbie here. You know she knows she looks cute. And she is striking a pose for the camera (which she has always done). Maybe I need to wean her off of the website. I mean, come on. :)
I love this. Chad couldn't resist razzing Ella a little over the posing. So they did it together. Isn't Chad a natural??
This would be Mira's own hairdo. I know, you never would have guessed that.

Monday, February 21, 2011


First time in the nearly 5 collective years I've breastfed. It is miserable.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Micah is 8!

I am discovering how big Super Mario Bros. is these days. (All the kids in our neighborhood call it Super Mario Bros as opposed to Brothers. Is that just my neighborhood?) Micah has been so excited for his SMB themed party. He begged me to get him a pair of overalls to wear especially for this occasion. Luckily for him, I found a pair at the DI.

He invited waaay more friends than I originally had in mind. But how do I say no when he wants to be friendly with so many people? And they're all so cute! He invited over 25 and I think we had 18 come. Here he is just before the festivities begin with his little buddy, Cameron. Are they adorable, or what??
I know I have more than a couple of pictures of the cake, but I am so proud of my work, I couldn't just take one! Ella wanted to dress up as Peach from SMB. So she went digging around for all pink clothes. If you got a good look at those tights, you would notice they are littered with holes. I've got to get hold of those and toss them. I think they just keep getting thrown in the hamper, washed, and reworn. Mira pulled out her yellow dress so she could be Daisy (Luigi's gal). Micah wanted me to spray his hair black, but I just wasn't up to that.
Ta dah!
We need to see a barber about those 'staches!
I have been planning this party for weeks. (Which would explain why I'm so exhausted now that it's over!) When the kids first arrived we played a SMB version of Bingo. They loved that.
Other games were "Goomba Stomping" (brown balloons with a coin hiding inside; person with most coins wins a prize), "Hot Bomb-Omb" (Hot Potato with SMB music), "Yoshi Egg Run" (Egg on Spoon race with green spotted eggs), "Coin Search" (find hidden coins throughout the house; redeem for candy), "Find Mario" (basically a game of Sardines).
Here is the group (minus a couple who came late):
The gift-opening frenzy!
Mom and Dad popped over for the last bit of the party. Matthew just kept looking at Mom. I think he must've been wondering who was this lady who reminded him so much of Mom!
Dad did a little recording for us:
Silly Micah. He was tired of pictures.
Mario! My friend Kim (who helped me with Hello Kitty) gave me a photo of this cake she made for her son's birthday. I basically just copied it. But I was solo this time!
Mira's gotta be in a picture.
Proud Mama! This was definitely a labor of love. Except don't pester me while I'm working. I need all my concentration when it comes to artistic endeavors, seeing as it doesn't come naturally.
Ella and Mira wanted in on the birthday prep. Here they are helping me color the Yoshi eggs.
The night before the party was our family movie night. I rented "Candleshoe" with Jodi Foster. I watched this as a kid. I remember really liking it. The kids thought it was good. We call it family movie night, but rarely is it just our family. Here Micah had his friend, Landon over.
Goombas and Koopa Troopas donned our home.
On Micah's birthday wish list were more than a few item. I had him whittle it down to just a handful. These included a few Wii games. He told me several days ago that if he didn't get one of these, he might just cry on his birthday. Inside I was laughing, but I understood. Tomorrow he'll open our gift to him and I think he'll be pleased. Mom and Dad Miller got him one game he really wanted. Mom and Dad Barnett gave him cash, plus Grandpa Barnett has come up several Saturdays to work on his bedroom so it would be all finished. It's a real bedroom now and he's thrilled. So he has had a terrific 8th birthday.
We look forward to March 5th when he is baptized. What a special year this is. And what a wonderful boy we have. Here are some things that make our Micah special:
*He is very affectionate. He will readily give hugs and kisses. I don't want that to ever change!
*He dotes on Matthew. He can't stand to watch Matthew upset. The other day Matthew was doing one of those cry-so-long-you-don't-breathe cries. Micah was terribly worried and snatched him out of his jumparoo and tearfully brought him to me because he thought something was wrong. (I'd just put him in there to do something like use the bathroom. I know, as a mother I'm disallowed from doing that.)
*He doesn't care if you're a boy or a girl. He will be your friend. He probably has as many girl friends as boy friends.
*He loves to be creative: draw, write short stories.
*He is our junk collector. Except he does not view anything as junk. He's got a collection of that stuff in a box in his room, in a drawer (milk lids), in the field behind our house. I'm having to tell him, many times, "No, you can't keep that. It's sharp. It's filthy. It's dangerous."
*He will go down and start practicing piano on his own the best he can. When he needs help, I'll go down with him. It can be a frustrating experience for him, but he tries hard.
*He loves Magic Treehouse, A to Z Mysteries, Junie B. Jones, Roald Dahl's BFG, and any book his teacher reads in class.
*He's had several talkings-to about not kissing girls.
*He has a very tender heart. He is thoughtful. He wants to serve others. He is always wanting to do something to help a neighbor, a widow, etc. He is very thoughtful.
*He becomes quickly attached to school teachers, primary teachers, etc. And he always remembers them and looks up to them.
*He is very likable.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Little Things

Just one of the things in life that makes me happy:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Matthew's First Haircut, etc.

All the males in the house were overdue for haircuts. So Mama gets to pull out the clippers, scissors, and cape to work some magic. But if you ask Colin and Micah, I think they'd say it's something along the lines of cruel and unusual. This is Matthew's before shot. Just a quick trim for this guy. I would like to say this is his first haircut, but Ella took the honors months ago, after which I noticed a slight mohawk-ish style. I love this one. Colin was taking the pictures and here is Matthew starting out like all good Barnett boys. Pretty soon we'll have to head-lock him to get his hair trimmed.
The aftereffect.
Matthew hears the tinkling of the cat's tags and looks around for him. Here he is, reaching for whatever he can get. The cat stayed close, but would give a little warning nip if Matthew got a fistful of fur or whiskers.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reading, Play Group

I've done my homework when it comes to checking out books. I think it's one of my pasttimes. I love going online and looking up recommendations for the kids, Chad, and myself. I keep checking out all different genres for Colin (he is required to read a variety for school). And unless they are high-interest books, I'm often turned down. His favorite books to read right now are all the "Boys" books: "The Dangerous Book for Boys," "How to be the Best at Everything," "The Boys' Book of Survival,"The Boys' Book of Adventure," etc. I'm happy with him reading what he's interested in. I'm just attempting to broaden his horizons. So I picked up "The Lightening Thief" which Rachel'd told me about long ago. I know the movie's out now, too. So I start reading and Micah and Ella really tune in. They don't want me to put it down! "One more chapter Mom!! Puh-lease!"
Colin took a few pictures of us to pass off some requirement for scouts--taking different shots, varying angles, and so forth.
Micah is excited to work on his Baptism folder.
Ella and her birthday doll.
Matthew's getting the hang of being spoon fed! I made butternut squash soup the other day and he loooved it. So, since no one else minded not having seconds (thank you very much), we froze a bunch for the boy to enjoy.
And I had a few friends over for a little play group. We all made peanut butter cookies and danced to the Wii. It was fun.
Me and my controlling self quashed the urge to take over and do it all myself. And the kids did well (with guidance). And did we let them lick their spoons? But of course! Whoever says you shouldn't do it isn't normal, as Junie B. Jones would say.