Sunday, February 13, 2011

Matthew's First Haircut, etc.

All the males in the house were overdue for haircuts. So Mama gets to pull out the clippers, scissors, and cape to work some magic. But if you ask Colin and Micah, I think they'd say it's something along the lines of cruel and unusual. This is Matthew's before shot. Just a quick trim for this guy. I would like to say this is his first haircut, but Ella took the honors months ago, after which I noticed a slight mohawk-ish style. I love this one. Colin was taking the pictures and here is Matthew starting out like all good Barnett boys. Pretty soon we'll have to head-lock him to get his hair trimmed.
The aftereffect.
Matthew hears the tinkling of the cat's tags and looks around for him. Here he is, reaching for whatever he can get. The cat stayed close, but would give a little warning nip if Matthew got a fistful of fur or whiskers.


Maren and Blake said...

You are brave to cut with scissors. I had to use the razor and guard.

Marsha said...

Goodness sakes. That big crocodile tear tells the whole story.