Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reading, Play Group

I've done my homework when it comes to checking out books. I think it's one of my pasttimes. I love going online and looking up recommendations for the kids, Chad, and myself. I keep checking out all different genres for Colin (he is required to read a variety for school). And unless they are high-interest books, I'm often turned down. His favorite books to read right now are all the "Boys" books: "The Dangerous Book for Boys," "How to be the Best at Everything," "The Boys' Book of Survival,"The Boys' Book of Adventure," etc. I'm happy with him reading what he's interested in. I'm just attempting to broaden his horizons. So I picked up "The Lightening Thief" which Rachel'd told me about long ago. I know the movie's out now, too. So I start reading and Micah and Ella really tune in. They don't want me to put it down! "One more chapter Mom!! Puh-lease!"
Colin took a few pictures of us to pass off some requirement for scouts--taking different shots, varying angles, and so forth.
Micah is excited to work on his Baptism folder.
Ella and her birthday doll.
Matthew's getting the hang of being spoon fed! I made butternut squash soup the other day and he loooved it. So, since no one else minded not having seconds (thank you very much), we froze a bunch for the boy to enjoy.
And I had a few friends over for a little play group. We all made peanut butter cookies and danced to the Wii. It was fun.
Me and my controlling self quashed the urge to take over and do it all myself. And the kids did well (with guidance). And did we let them lick their spoons? But of course! Whoever says you shouldn't do it isn't normal, as Junie B. Jones would say.

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Maren and Blake said...

So fun. The kids are getting so big. We sure love and miss them. please take TONS of pictures at Micah's baptism.