Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Church History Museum Children's Exhibit

Well, darnit, I forgot the camera for this one. And it would've been so good to have. But with all the other things we had to gather for our little jaunt to SLC, it got left behind.

The Church History Museum has a children's exhibit highlighting stories of faith and inspiration of Latin American Saints. Everything was interactive and the kids really had a lot of fun. A few of the things to do:
Tortilla toss
Dress up in traditional dress and learn a dance from Latin America
Kitchen/garden area to prepare a meal to serve missionaries

There were lots of other activities and the kids begged us to bring them back again soon. We still need to return to the area to do a few things on our list: 1)hike Ensign Peak, 2)explore the roof of the Conference Center, 3)visit the Lion House.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Matthew Giggles

Welcome to the World!

Doug and Rachel's family has grown by one. This little bundle of joy was born last Tuesday. (Conversions are 17 1/4 inches long; 7 lb, 14 oz.)She's home now, and doing well, from what I hear. Just like her daddy, born in Germany. Rachel says her experience delivering in a German hospital was different from past experience. I'm interested in hearing more about that. So glad Rachel's sister, Anna, was there to help with the other four that week. I'll bet that was such a relief.
Above are: Paige, Anna, Doug, new baby Juliette, Theron, Kate, Rachel, Grant.
Below: Kate, Grant (looking older! He's got his dad's nose I can tell now), Paige, Anna, Juliette, Theron.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jazz Dance Clinic

Are we being a little excessive with the Jazz? That's for you to judge. But the kids love all the extras that come with our season tickets. The girls got to do some dancing with the NuSkin dancers last week at the Zions Bank Basketball Center, where they practice. The boys mostly sat on the benches and watched or read a book.
Mira's got the pink flower in her hair, and Ella has on the black shirt. Ever since doing this, our living room has become cartwheel central. Ella is perfecting hers on her own. Mira follows suit. They keep telling me what amazing cartwheelers some of the NuSkin dancers are. They were most impressed.
a-and Colin...
I feel a carwheel coming on!
And how appropriate is this on St. Paddy's Day? Caught this out our back window a couple of days ago. Magical!
In other news, Doug and Rachel had their baby Tuesday, March 15th at 6:15pm (their time). They named her Juliette. From what I understand, they she's about 7 or 8 pounds (they didn't get stats right away). Rachel and the baby came home today. Rachel's sister, Anna has the week off and is able to stay with them to help out. I am looking forward to June to meet this little one.

Monday, March 14, 2011

One of Those Days

1. Forked out dough to have the water heater replaced. Now I can drive that baby around the neighborhood and show it off. It was necessary, anyway. Chad's choices getting ready for work today were A) icy cold shower, or B) sponge bath. Nice. I told him to go for the shower. It might bring back memories from his mission when his only option was to go outside and shower in a flimsy uninsulated teeny room in winter with unheated water. He opted for the sponge bath.

2. Went to get into the car to pick up Ella. Realized my keys were locked inside.

3. Called to school to have Ella wait for me in the office since I would be taking the kids on a walk to the school to get her.

4. Got Mira and Matthew buckled in the double jogger. Noticed the tires were flat (darned goatheads!!).

5. Called no less than 10 friends, none of which were picking up.

6. Finally got in touch with someone (an acquaintance) to pick up my girl.

So thankful for good ladies of Relief Society who I know I can call up at a moment's notice and they will bail me out of any situation. I have benefitted from this charity more than once. I hope I am always at the ready to do the same for others.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Disney on Ice: "Let's Celebrate"

For Ella's birthday, we gave her a gift certificate for admission to the upcoming Disney on Ice. Chad and Mira were going to be her escorts. (Everything sounds better to a six year-old when you say it fancy.) The day finally arrived after asking many times, "When do I get to go to Disney on Ice?"
The girls were looking forward to taking their own money to buy something there. I knew the prices were Disneyland prices. Fairly outrageous. But they were glad to pay $10-12 for a snow cone in a fancy plastic goblet, or cotton candy that comes with Mickey Mouse ears. The look on Mira's face above tells you that! Before they left, lipstick and eye shadow were applied. Dresses were chosen for the special event. Mira wore her "Tangled" dress. Ella didn't want to wear a character dress because it is "too itchy."
From what Chad says, they loved it all. Mira sat on his lap most of the time so she could see.
They stayed awake during the entire performance. When they got back to the car at the end, Mira told Chad, "I want to go to Disney on Ice again!" I'm feeling a craving to go to Disneyland coming on now ...
I absolutely love this picture. This morning Mira hopped in the shower to wash the off the remains of yesterday's late night. She took the hair dryer to get warmed up. Then she started with the hair. I think she was saying, "Ahhh..." right here.
My Matthew captivated by the blinking light on the camera.
Poor little Mira has this horrid bump on the underneath side of the tongue. She had one before which our dentist lasered off at her last checkup. It has returned. We think it might be due to the friction of her tongue against her teeth when she has her blanket up to her mouth. It is unsightly. We have another appointment in a couple of weeks. This time they will biopsy it just to be sure... She does that with her tongue for comfort (and has done since she was a baby). I don't know how to get her to stop, other than getting rid of the blanket. And that's not happening any time soon!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Micah's Baptism

Today began with me waking up late. But it all worked out. Chad said at one point, "I think we're actually going to make it!" It felt like a Sunday moring, racing the clock to get everyone ready and off on time. Even if I did cut my leg shaving and walk out of the house with dried blood...

Once we arrived at the church, Chad and Micah got into their whites.
Look at Micah's smile! Worth a million bucks, that there. Just because it was his baptism day didn't mean (for him) that he was going to tone down the personality. He went skipping down the hall, being his impish little self. I told him I needed a hug before he was baptized. He agreed, as long as it was out of anyone's sight.
The program was very nice. The person in charge of baptisms in our ward does a bang-up job of it. Colin played the piano: "I am a Child of God" and "When Jesus Christ Was Baptized". Then he gave a talk on baptism. After the program he said he was so nervous his leg was doing the sewing machine needle. But I never would have guessed it. He seemed so cool, calm, and collected.
Dad and Dad Barnett were the witnesses for the baptism. No floating toes or anything else for us today! Here we are after the baptism:
And the Barnetts:
Girls gotta get in some poses:
Mom and Dad with Micah:

Cutie cheeks:
Ella wanted desperately to take a picture. Grandpa obliged. Ha ha!
Mom and Dad and us!
Amber, Mom and Dad Barnett and us:
We went back to our place afterwards for some lunch and chatting. Many topics discussed:
*Retirement (when is it not with my dad? Lol.)
*Raising children (challenges and funny aspects of parenting, children growing quickly, etc.)
*Family-friendly movies (and from their suggestions I got a good list of ones we still haven't seen!)
*The Jazz (when is it not with the Barnetts? Lol.)
*Remodeling homes
*The market for selling a home (poor!)
Thank you for coming! We missed Chris, Maren and Blake and the boys, Doug and Rachel and the kids. Can't wait to see you this summer!!!

Matthew at 8 Months

Bathtime with the girls...they always have fun. And it's when I wish I had earplugs. I tried explaining sound reverberation, but they don't seem to get it. I had Matthew in the bathroom with me while I'm getting the girls washed up. He sees the bathwater and wants in! So we drained it a bit and the girls were oh-so-excited to have him. We just tried to keep him from drowning.
Not the greatest shot, but here's our boy.
And look at those chops!
Right now Matthew is still mostly doing the military crawl. He is getting onto his knees just a bit more the last few days. He's pulling himself up to furniture and even venturing from one couch to another. He thinks he's hot stuff! (And I'd have to agree.)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

They Make Me Smile

Ella thinks she's our cinematographer-in-training. I don't know how many one second videos she's taken. My favorite part of this video is the very end where we see what outfit she chose for herself today.

We have a few pacifiers for Matthew around the house. The only thing he does with them is chews on them. It's funny...when Colin was a baby I didn't want him to be a pacifier baby. And he ended up liking his paci. With the subsequent babies, I was happy to have them take one. But, for the most part, they really didn't. Matthew thinks it's just something to gnaw on.

Our Mira thinks she's sooo sneaky. She grabs the camera and makes a dash into the bathroom. The part that cracks me up on these last two videos are her close ups. And then Ella tattling on her. Mira says, "Sowwy." Yeah, sure you are. So funny.