Thursday, March 10, 2011

Disney on Ice: "Let's Celebrate"

For Ella's birthday, we gave her a gift certificate for admission to the upcoming Disney on Ice. Chad and Mira were going to be her escorts. (Everything sounds better to a six year-old when you say it fancy.) The day finally arrived after asking many times, "When do I get to go to Disney on Ice?"
The girls were looking forward to taking their own money to buy something there. I knew the prices were Disneyland prices. Fairly outrageous. But they were glad to pay $10-12 for a snow cone in a fancy plastic goblet, or cotton candy that comes with Mickey Mouse ears. The look on Mira's face above tells you that! Before they left, lipstick and eye shadow were applied. Dresses were chosen for the special event. Mira wore her "Tangled" dress. Ella didn't want to wear a character dress because it is "too itchy."
From what Chad says, they loved it all. Mira sat on his lap most of the time so she could see.
They stayed awake during the entire performance. When they got back to the car at the end, Mira told Chad, "I want to go to Disney on Ice again!" I'm feeling a craving to go to Disneyland coming on now ...
I absolutely love this picture. This morning Mira hopped in the shower to wash the off the remains of yesterday's late night. She took the hair dryer to get warmed up. Then she started with the hair. I think she was saying, "Ahhh..." right here.
My Matthew captivated by the blinking light on the camera.
Poor little Mira has this horrid bump on the underneath side of the tongue. She had one before which our dentist lasered off at her last checkup. It has returned. We think it might be due to the friction of her tongue against her teeth when she has her blanket up to her mouth. It is unsightly. We have another appointment in a couple of weeks. This time they will biopsy it just to be sure... She does that with her tongue for comfort (and has done since she was a baby). I don't know how to get her to stop, other than getting rid of the blanket. And that's not happening any time soon!


Maren and Blake said...

Let us know when you are going to Disneyland, we may just need to join you. I hope Ms. Mira is ok.

Marsha said...

Looks like they had a blast. I love that your girls get along so well. It's fun to have a sister AND a friend.

Rebecca said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, we went to that too. The pricing is absolutely flooring!!! Thank goodness this trip was on the kiddo's g-blingin-parents.
After the $22 toys and the $15 drinks (EACH), we sung Disney songs all the way home...

...Gotta love the big machine!