Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jazz Dance Clinic

Are we being a little excessive with the Jazz? That's for you to judge. But the kids love all the extras that come with our season tickets. The girls got to do some dancing with the NuSkin dancers last week at the Zions Bank Basketball Center, where they practice. The boys mostly sat on the benches and watched or read a book.
Mira's got the pink flower in her hair, and Ella has on the black shirt. Ever since doing this, our living room has become cartwheel central. Ella is perfecting hers on her own. Mira follows suit. They keep telling me what amazing cartwheelers some of the NuSkin dancers are. They were most impressed.
a-and Colin...
I feel a carwheel coming on!
And how appropriate is this on St. Paddy's Day? Caught this out our back window a couple of days ago. Magical!
In other news, Doug and Rachel had their baby Tuesday, March 15th at 6:15pm (their time). They named her Juliette. From what I understand, they she's about 7 or 8 pounds (they didn't get stats right away). Rachel and the baby came home today. Rachel's sister, Anna has the week off and is able to stay with them to help out. I am looking forward to June to meet this little one.


Amber said...

That's cool that you got to do that. I would have liked to have been there but I didn't know anything about it. Its nice that they had something that wasn't basketball related too. The girls looked like they had lots of fun!

Maren and Blake said...

Was it a double rainbow? Now that would be cool.