Saturday, March 5, 2011

Matthew at 8 Months

Bathtime with the girls...they always have fun. And it's when I wish I had earplugs. I tried explaining sound reverberation, but they don't seem to get it. I had Matthew in the bathroom with me while I'm getting the girls washed up. He sees the bathwater and wants in! So we drained it a bit and the girls were oh-so-excited to have him. We just tried to keep him from drowning.
Not the greatest shot, but here's our boy.
And look at those chops!
Right now Matthew is still mostly doing the military crawl. He is getting onto his knees just a bit more the last few days. He's pulling himself up to furniture and even venturing from one couch to another. He thinks he's hot stuff! (And I'd have to agree.)

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Maren and Blake said...

He is hot stuff. I can't believe how many teeth he has. Brody is just now breaking through his top 2 teeth and still only has 3 little teeth on the bottom. I actually think 1 of them won't be coming in. We love him, thanks for the post.