Saturday, March 5, 2011

Micah's Baptism

Today began with me waking up late. But it all worked out. Chad said at one point, "I think we're actually going to make it!" It felt like a Sunday moring, racing the clock to get everyone ready and off on time. Even if I did cut my leg shaving and walk out of the house with dried blood...

Once we arrived at the church, Chad and Micah got into their whites.
Look at Micah's smile! Worth a million bucks, that there. Just because it was his baptism day didn't mean (for him) that he was going to tone down the personality. He went skipping down the hall, being his impish little self. I told him I needed a hug before he was baptized. He agreed, as long as it was out of anyone's sight.
The program was very nice. The person in charge of baptisms in our ward does a bang-up job of it. Colin played the piano: "I am a Child of God" and "When Jesus Christ Was Baptized". Then he gave a talk on baptism. After the program he said he was so nervous his leg was doing the sewing machine needle. But I never would have guessed it. He seemed so cool, calm, and collected.
Dad and Dad Barnett were the witnesses for the baptism. No floating toes or anything else for us today! Here we are after the baptism:
And the Barnetts:
Girls gotta get in some poses:
Mom and Dad with Micah:

Cutie cheeks:
Ella wanted desperately to take a picture. Grandpa obliged. Ha ha!
Mom and Dad and us!
Amber, Mom and Dad Barnett and us:
We went back to our place afterwards for some lunch and chatting. Many topics discussed:
*Retirement (when is it not with my dad? Lol.)
*Raising children (challenges and funny aspects of parenting, children growing quickly, etc.)
*Family-friendly movies (and from their suggestions I got a good list of ones we still haven't seen!)
*The Jazz (when is it not with the Barnetts? Lol.)
*Remodeling homes
*The market for selling a home (poor!)
Thank you for coming! We missed Chris, Maren and Blake and the boys, Doug and Rachel and the kids. Can't wait to see you this summer!!!


Maren and Blake said...

Congrats Micah. We love you and are sad that we couldn't be there to witness this special event. Write down the day or else you may have a hard time remebering it.

Marsha said...

This must have been an exciting day for Micah and your family. Speaking of which, your family is a very good looking bunch.

Babelicious said...

Micah is just beaming in these pictures. What a sweet little guy! Baptisms are the best aren't they?
You have a beautiful family. I love the pics of Matthew too.

Kathleen Gundersen said...

Micah looks so happy. What a great day!