Monday, March 14, 2011

One of Those Days

1. Forked out dough to have the water heater replaced. Now I can drive that baby around the neighborhood and show it off. It was necessary, anyway. Chad's choices getting ready for work today were A) icy cold shower, or B) sponge bath. Nice. I told him to go for the shower. It might bring back memories from his mission when his only option was to go outside and shower in a flimsy uninsulated teeny room in winter with unheated water. He opted for the sponge bath.

2. Went to get into the car to pick up Ella. Realized my keys were locked inside.

3. Called to school to have Ella wait for me in the office since I would be taking the kids on a walk to the school to get her.

4. Got Mira and Matthew buckled in the double jogger. Noticed the tires were flat (darned goatheads!!).

5. Called no less than 10 friends, none of which were picking up.

6. Finally got in touch with someone (an acquaintance) to pick up my girl.

So thankful for good ladies of Relief Society who I know I can call up at a moment's notice and they will bail me out of any situation. I have benefitted from this charity more than once. I hope I am always at the ready to do the same for others.


Marsha said...

Beware the Ides of March! Oh wait, that's today. Yesterday was Pi day. Hate to think what might happen today....

Rebecca said...

Days like this are the WORST!!! *Thanks for keeping up with me babe. :)