Thursday, March 3, 2011

They Make Me Smile

Ella thinks she's our cinematographer-in-training. I don't know how many one second videos she's taken. My favorite part of this video is the very end where we see what outfit she chose for herself today.

We have a few pacifiers for Matthew around the house. The only thing he does with them is chews on them. It's funny...when Colin was a baby I didn't want him to be a pacifier baby. And he ended up liking his paci. With the subsequent babies, I was happy to have them take one. But, for the most part, they really didn't. Matthew thinks it's just something to gnaw on.

Our Mira thinks she's sooo sneaky. She grabs the camera and makes a dash into the bathroom. The part that cracks me up on these last two videos are her close ups. And then Ella tattling on her. Mira says, "Sowwy." Yeah, sure you are. So funny.

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Maren and Blake said...

I love the commentary in Matthew's video. I love him jumping, so cute. And who can resist an all flowered outfit?