Saturday, April 30, 2011

Marvin the Moose Comes for a Visit

In Ella's Kindergarten class, each child gets a turn to take home Marvin the Moose for a couple of days. We photo-document his time with us and make a page to add to the class album. Here's what we got:
Marvin joins Ella for a lunch of sandwiches, which he loved. How does he like the skirt and hair bows? You'd have to ask him.

Guess who? (Not to be included in the Kindergarten album!)

Marvin and Ella do chores together:

We always buckle up!

(Mira requested a picture with her new sandles.)

Marvin helps Ella with homework:

(Another one not to be included in the album, but funny nevertheless,) Mira has the unique talent of making one eye go in and the other eye stay straight. She is proud that she can do this when no one else can.

Marvin joins us for homemade mac and cheese for dinner:

Ella shares her grilled cheese with Marvin. And look at Mira's pretty eyes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Since the kids had no school Friday, we worked on our Easter eggs. We ended up doing four dozen of them! Everyone was in one of Dad's paint shirts and had at it. I loved seeing the colors of spring. We are now enjoying the fruits of those hard-boiled eggs--deviled eggs, egg salad sandwiches...what else can you do with them?
Colin's favorite egg he decorated was his Jazz egg, Micah's was his Yoshi egg (think Super Mario Brothers), and the girls just did whatever colors they wanted to.

And Mira can wear her hair in little pigtails now! She is so excited. It is our new favorite hairstyle for her. Keep growing...!

Lots of concentration required:

Matthew, a true rugrat:

Saturday is when we do our egg hunt and baskets. I love sending them outside to go crazy looking for all the eggs they can find. At first a couple of them said, "I'm only getting the plastic eggs." Candy, of course. But we were so mean and told them they had to get the dyed eggs, too.

In Colin's Easter basket he got the Wii game: NBA 2K11, for which he was thrilled! Micah got "Tangled." He's been begging to see it.Ummm, chocolate bunnies!

Checking out the stash, counting eggs:

The girls got pretty Easter outfits. The Easter Bunny didn't do so well at getting the right size shoes, though. We had to improvise there.

Always posing!

Mira snagged this one of me:

Love my girls together!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Monster Concert Pics

And here are the pictures taken with Mom and Dad. It took some coaxing from Dad to get a smile out of Colin. But we'll take it!

Isn't it cute?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Swimming Season!

Indoors, anyway. We have a gym we've started going to which has a great indoor pool and an even better outdoor one. We took Matthew for the first time on Saturday. His little lower lip was trembling from cold and every time he got splashed he cried. It was pitiful. He lasted about an hour.
I just noticed in this picture how much older Colin looks! Every time I turn around the kids are taller. We need to get the kids in swim lessons. A couple of summers ago we practically lived at the pool and Mira was turning into a little fish. We need a refresher course.

Everyone had a great time splashing, going down the water slide, and paddling around in the water.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monster Concert

Colin's orchestra got to participate in a district-wide concert this evening. Mom and Dad came down for it, which was really sweet, seeing as they're going to get back home rather late. (Thank you Mom and Dad!)
Colin and his friend, Ben, are such cute buddies. I'm glad he has a friend in orchestra. They were telling me a joke only a fourth grade boy would love and were finishing each other's sentences.
Colin and Ben Aguero
Matthew, me, and Mira in Copper Hill's High School auditorium waiting for the concert to begin (Do you like Mira's Rapunzel dress?):
I think Micah took this one of Dad:
And here is our family: Micah, me, Mira, Ella, Chad, Matthew, and Colin. We got a few of Mom and Dad with the kids, but I'll have to get the copies so I can post them.
It's wonderful that these kids have the opportunity to take an instrument and participate in something like this. Colin's doing so well in so many different areas: school, sports, music. It will be so interesting to see what he does with his talents as he grows.


I'd forgotten Chad took this picture on my birthday. The cake he got was yummy. I love this picture because if you look at the candles you'll notice how creative Chad got. We had a leftover "6" from someone's birthday, but no "3". Chad figured, "What the heck. I can make this work just fine." So three singles and the six for me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moving Out

This afternoon Micah told me he was moving out. Why? Because I said I couldn't jump on the tramp with him when we got home. I had dinner to prepare, Matthew to feed and change, and piano to practice. He proceeded to tell us where he would be staying (in the tunnel by his elementary school), what he would take, and so forth.
When I asked him, "What happens when you are hungry?"
He said, "I'll take apples, asparagus, and green beans with me."
"And what about when those are gone?"
"I'll take my money."
"And when that runs out?"
"Well, I know the code to the garage and I'll just come in the house when no one's home and get some more food."
"What if you get sick? Who's going to take care of you?"
"I'll come home just until I get better." (Then he thinks for a moment.) "No, I'll take some ibuprofen and band aids with me."
So, when we got home he packed up two large suitcases and a duffle bag. The girls helped him. Then he lugged those things down our sidewalk. I thought he was calling my bluff and I wasn't going to play that game. I would let him come home when he realized how hard it is to carry those very far. The girls came in for dinner upset because they didn't want Micah to leave. Chad had just come home from work and thought we should tell Micah enough's enough. I was leaning toward doing some "sneaky peeky spying" (as Junie B. Jones would say) and follow him without his knowing.
We started eating dinner and got a knock on the door. Our neighbor noticed he had just crossed the street. Wow, okay, he made it farther than I thought he would. Then another neighbor calls to inform us she noticed our son heading away from home with two large suitcases. Then Micah calls. He stopped a couple and asked to borrow their phone. In tears, he asked Chad to come get him. The couple stayed with Micah until Chad arrived. Apparently Chad got the evil eye from this couple who probably couldn't believe we'd heartlessly allow our child to run away. When he got home we had a heart-to-heart with our boy and expressed our sincere love for him. Did he not know? It was a lesson to me that we can come from two distinctively different perspectives, totally unawares of the other's.
But a promise was made: no more moving out.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Catching up

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but the blog is always on my mind and here's my chance to do me a little catch up. The kids are ready for bed, Matthew's asleep, and Chad's at a Jazz game. Time to myself! ************************************************* For St. Patrick's Day I did Irish soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, boiled potatoes and carrots. (Our house stank like cooked cabbage for about a week after this. Blech!) I set the table with our fancy dishes. This would be totally unlike our usual meals, which we use our everyday-ware. (Meaning totally mismatched. At one point we had full sets. Our dishes now are made up of about 4 different sets...or what is remaining of those sets, and plastic dishes. So the kids know it's something special when we use the nice ones.) We had lit candles, tablecloth, and everything. They requested that I speak with an Irish accent during the meal. Because that makes it authentic, dontcha know. Nice job feeding Matthew, Micah. No, seriously.
After putting off installing a baby gate, it came to the point where we really couldn't wait any longer. Our baby is mobile! And he's a busy one. So Chad pulled out the contraption and up it went. Lovely, isn't it? Speaking of safety, a couple of weeks ago Mira and Micah were sitting at the top of the stairs, playing a board game. Mira had her back to the stairs. She leaned back and tumbled backwards all the way down. Scary! I don't think they'll be playing any more games in that particular spot. Our puddy.

Micah and Mira were rocking out together one day and requested some pictures. Is it me or do their faces look nearly identical here? Maybe it's the pose...
Colin was helping clean up from dinner and actually allowed me to photograph him. Well, he didn't run away at least. Today the kids said something to the effect of, "We hate being off track!" Me: "Really? I thought you'd like it." They: "No, because you make us do chores all day!" (Hardly the case. Instruments, pick up their rooms, one additional chore.)
Colin is so sweet with Matthew. He doesn't get upset when interrupted during his favorite activity.
This is how you'll find Ella many times. Playing by herself. Pretending. She loooves it.
Micah has some nice, cushy carpet since we finished his room. The rest of us are jealous and want such comfy carpet. He lets the girls come in for a sleepover sometimes while they're off track or on a weekend.
Chad and Colin have been keeping up with the Jazz. Even with their performance struggling right now, they are true fans.
One Sunday, before church, Mira thought we both looked pretty good, so she wanted to be sure we caught it on camera.
Doll face!
So you remember the blanket and bump on the tongue? Dentist says we have to get rid of ninny. So I told Mira I'd buy her something special to replace it. I wasn't terribly surprised when she chose Rapunzel. I think Mira dreams about having long locks. I tell her I can do all those neat hairstyles if she'll just stop cutting her own hair!!
And Mira is a smarty pants! I think some of it simply comes from having older siblings and following their lead. But look at what this four year-old is learning to do! And just from watching me spend a little time teaching Ella. She did this tie herself.
Here she is working on the other shoe. Nevermind that they're on the wrong feet. :)
The girls had their friend Sam over and they built this totally awesome tower. They were oh-so proud!
In our family, we'll discuss our favorite things about Matthew. And I think this is one of mine. When he stands in front of the tub, just as excited as could be to get in there. Look at that tush!!

I've been wanting to do something fun for April Fool's day. I even spent some time doing research as to what I could do. But so many of the ideas either seemed cruel or too complicated. So I settled for this. Friday night is movie night and treats. For treats I passed these out and said, "Who's ready for buttered popcorn? April Fool's! They're cupcakes!" Except it kind of didn't turn out the way I'd planned because they saw me in the process of making them. And also, movie night kind of didn't happen because they played Wii for about 3 hours. Which someone wasn't happy about because he'd gone to the trouble of picking out Free Willey 3 for us and I had to put it off for another day.
The kids have been off track and I love it now that we've had glorious sunshiny days. We even went shopping for shorts and swimsuits. At the DI. Man, I love that place. What to do with the next week? Only one more week til they go back? I love having them home!