Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Since the kids had no school Friday, we worked on our Easter eggs. We ended up doing four dozen of them! Everyone was in one of Dad's paint shirts and had at it. I loved seeing the colors of spring. We are now enjoying the fruits of those hard-boiled eggs--deviled eggs, egg salad sandwiches...what else can you do with them?
Colin's favorite egg he decorated was his Jazz egg, Micah's was his Yoshi egg (think Super Mario Brothers), and the girls just did whatever colors they wanted to.

And Mira can wear her hair in little pigtails now! She is so excited. It is our new favorite hairstyle for her. Keep growing...!

Lots of concentration required:

Matthew, a true rugrat:

Saturday is when we do our egg hunt and baskets. I love sending them outside to go crazy looking for all the eggs they can find. At first a couple of them said, "I'm only getting the plastic eggs." Candy, of course. But we were so mean and told them they had to get the dyed eggs, too.

In Colin's Easter basket he got the Wii game: NBA 2K11, for which he was thrilled! Micah got "Tangled." He's been begging to see it.Ummm, chocolate bunnies!

Checking out the stash, counting eggs:

The girls got pretty Easter outfits. The Easter Bunny didn't do so well at getting the right size shoes, though. We had to improvise there.

Always posing!

Mira snagged this one of me:

Love my girls together!

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