Saturday, April 30, 2011

Marvin the Moose Comes for a Visit

In Ella's Kindergarten class, each child gets a turn to take home Marvin the Moose for a couple of days. We photo-document his time with us and make a page to add to the class album. Here's what we got:
Marvin joins Ella for a lunch of sandwiches, which he loved. How does he like the skirt and hair bows? You'd have to ask him.

Guess who? (Not to be included in the Kindergarten album!)

Marvin and Ella do chores together:

We always buckle up!

(Mira requested a picture with her new sandles.)

Marvin helps Ella with homework:

(Another one not to be included in the album, but funny nevertheless,) Mira has the unique talent of making one eye go in and the other eye stay straight. She is proud that she can do this when no one else can.

Marvin joins us for homemade mac and cheese for dinner:

Ella shares her grilled cheese with Marvin. And look at Mira's pretty eyes.


Maren and Blake said...

We had Pinkerton the pig. I am glad Ella had a good time. It looks like Marvin had a great time.

Marsha said...

Wow, do you think Marvin will want to move on? I wouldn't.

Babelicious said...

Ha...we had Annie the puppet. I'm afraid that Annie didn't receive the same treatment that Marvin did.