Sunday, April 17, 2011

Swimming Season!

Indoors, anyway. We have a gym we've started going to which has a great indoor pool and an even better outdoor one. We took Matthew for the first time on Saturday. His little lower lip was trembling from cold and every time he got splashed he cried. It was pitiful. He lasted about an hour.
I just noticed in this picture how much older Colin looks! Every time I turn around the kids are taller. We need to get the kids in swim lessons. A couple of summers ago we practically lived at the pool and Mira was turning into a little fish. We need a refresher course.

Everyone had a great time splashing, going down the water slide, and paddling around in the water.


Maren and Blake said...

It has a waterslide? You better believe we are bringing swimsuits next time. We can't believe how big Matthew looks.

Marsha said...

Knowing how to swim is invaluable skill. I can only assume this statement though, because I still don't know how to swim.