Thursday, May 26, 2011

Field Trip to Wheeler Farm

Mira's preschool had a field trip to Historic Wheeler Farm. This is such a fun place to visit. No admission, you can walk around and see all sorts of farm animals. All the buildings are reconstructed from the late 1800's. I think I have some farm girl in me because I can do hard work, I don't cringe at the smell of a farm, and I don't gross out easily. I've always wanted to milk a cow. I think the next time we go I'm going to try it for $.50.
Here is Mira (blue jacket) with her little class.

Ella and Mira getting ready for their hay ride.

This gentleman demonstrated blacksmithing for us, which was interesting. I remembered him from our visit last year, but then he was wearing a kilt (which he told me he wears all the time). I asked where the kilt was today and he said he doesn't wear it when he blacksmiths here because of the flying sparks. Ha ha!

The girls are feeding the geese and ducks.

There is a huge, gnarled tree perfect for climbing. There are several playhouses which the girls had a ton of fun pretending to live in.

Tree hugger!

Told you is was gnarly! (Ella)


In my next life I'm going to own horses.

Mira was so brave and fed the horse an apple all by herself.

And Ella enjoyed petting them. We all did!

Matthew slept through most of our visit, but awoke to animals he'd never seen before.

Can you see the geese with their goslings in the background? There were mama geese and ducks all over protecting nests, too.

Sweet baby.

Mira took this one.

Ella's got something to say!

Mom Retires: Gramercy Party

I drove up to Ogden with the girls and Matthew for Mom's retirement party the teachers at her school put on for her. Here is Mom opening a gift from the teachers (with help from my girls).
Mom and her good friends Kay Isakson and Sandy Boyle.

Mom and her friend Sue Allen.

Love you, Mom!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Busy Saturday

It was picture day at the dance studio and the girls were excited to get hair and make-up done. Mira was looking forward to getting a ponytail, something she's been wishing for a long time. We used lots of hair spray and bobby pins, but we got it! Here she is with her class. They are performing "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend."
Very red and Las Vegas-y.

Then Ella donned her pretty outfit. It took some convincing for her to let me apply eyeliner and mascara. It's a little scary for her, getting that close to the eyes.

Ella's dance is "Asian Culture," from the movie "Kung Fu Panda" (or so I hear).

My sweetie and me.

Smoochie! (Thank you, Mira!)

And our handsome fellow, Micah, preparing for his picture. His class is performing to Michael Buble's "Save the Last Dance." It is darling and the girls love having him in their class.

Amber saved our bacon this morning by coming down to be with Micah at his soccer game--the last game day of the season (thus the tropies). She also took care of Matthew while I was running around doing the pictures. Mom and Dad also came down.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boys' Spring Piano Recital

Tonight Colin and Micah had their piano recital. They have a terrific teacher, Denise Mathews, who has exhibited wonderful patience.
Mom and Dad came down for it. (Thanks again!)

Micah is playing "Star Wars," which he can play without his music, but really felt more comfortable having (I can't blame him). Colin played an almost 5 minute-long song: "Hungarian Rhapsody II" by Fraz Liszt. Very impressive, Colin!

Mischievous Tot

Boy, I think I remember what it was like to have a newborn. Piece of cake compared to a mobile 10 month-old! We have to have him constantly in view because there's no telling what he'll get into: cat food, kitty litter, garbage cans, electrical outlets, stairs, and as you can see here, tomatos from the fridge. Apparently he didn't mind it too much because he took several nibbles of it.
It's funny, the things you'll sacrifice for a few minutes of a peaceful baby. Like your fridge. I'll leave it open for a few minutes to let him explore and give me a little respite. I guess I'm contributing to global warming, but sometimes it's worth it!

Or, while I'm getting ready for the day he goes rearranging Daddy's drawer. So, Chad, if you're wondering why your drawer looks like it does, here's your explanation:

In motion:

Hayden Peak "On Broadway"

Micah had his Harmony concert last night. The theme was "On Broadway" and it was terrific. Micah had a little solo part in the first song (On Broadway) which he did great with. I just loved watching him and his adorable face singing.
He has been to school early once a week for the past few months in preparation for this. This morning at 8:15 they had an end-of-the-year celebration with root beer floats. At 8:15 am. Yep.

What a sweetheart he is!

My parents made all efforts to be there for the performance, which is so thoughtful of them. They both worked today and had several things going on, but it meant a lot that they would drive down for us! Thanks Mom and Dad. And isn't this a great picture of Dad and Matthew?