Thursday, May 26, 2011

Field Trip to Wheeler Farm

Mira's preschool had a field trip to Historic Wheeler Farm. This is such a fun place to visit. No admission, you can walk around and see all sorts of farm animals. All the buildings are reconstructed from the late 1800's. I think I have some farm girl in me because I can do hard work, I don't cringe at the smell of a farm, and I don't gross out easily. I've always wanted to milk a cow. I think the next time we go I'm going to try it for $.50.
Here is Mira (blue jacket) with her little class.

Ella and Mira getting ready for their hay ride.

This gentleman demonstrated blacksmithing for us, which was interesting. I remembered him from our visit last year, but then he was wearing a kilt (which he told me he wears all the time). I asked where the kilt was today and he said he doesn't wear it when he blacksmiths here because of the flying sparks. Ha ha!

The girls are feeding the geese and ducks.

There is a huge, gnarled tree perfect for climbing. There are several playhouses which the girls had a ton of fun pretending to live in.

Tree hugger!

Told you is was gnarly! (Ella)


In my next life I'm going to own horses.

Mira was so brave and fed the horse an apple all by herself.

And Ella enjoyed petting them. We all did!

Matthew slept through most of our visit, but awoke to animals he'd never seen before.

Can you see the geese with their goslings in the background? There were mama geese and ducks all over protecting nests, too.

Sweet baby.

Mira took this one.

Ella's got something to say!


Maren and Blake said...

Utah has so many fun places like this. I wish Washington did.

Marsha said...

What a great tree! As an adult, I don't spend nearly enough time in trees. This place looks fun, I'll have to check it out.