Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grant's Baptism and Juliette's Blessing

The last day we spent with Doug and Rachel and the kids was yesterday for Grants baptism and Juliette's blessing. I'm so glad so many family members were able to be there for it! It was a special evening. They included so many people in it. Cousins got to sing a baptism song, Micah played piano, others gave prayers and talks.
That afternoon, Mom and Dad went nuts and bought beautiful dresses for the girls. They were very happy to model them for the camera. Theron in her new dress, and Ella in the one Mom and Dad got her for Easter.
Mira wanted a picture of her holding Juliette. Juliette looks so much like Grant.

Ella, Matthew, Colin, Theron

The boys: Grant, Colin, Matthew, Micah

The girls: Mira Catherine, Theron, Juliette, Paige, Ella, Kate





Paige (is she adorable, or what?)

Kate (she decided to be happy after pouting about something)

Mom and Dad with their 10 grandkids

Doug and Grant

Earlier this day, Grant had on his Cub Scout uniform, all decked out and ready to go to a day camp with his cousin, Andrew. He was very excited. He came back later that day, the new proud owner of a pocketknife. He said, "And Dad, I know all the rules about the pocketknife." Too cute.

Rachel, Doug, and Juliette. The bonnet she's wearing is made out of a handkerchief, formed into a bonnet. Rachel had this specially made for her in Brugge. The women in Brugge, Belgium are famous for their lace.

All those who were there (a few of them had just returned from Trek, a reinactment of pushing handcarts over a few days' time. The youth in Utah do this each summer. So that explains why they are wearing pioneer dress, are filthy and sunburnt. They made it just in time to be at the baptism.):

We could not, for the life of us, get Kate to look up. She was in a mood, I guess. But pretty flower on her head, eh?

Swimming at the Newton's

Besides the pleasure of having Doug and Rachel here for three weeks, we got to spend time at Rachel's parents' house. And are they ever set up for grandkids! They've got a huge backyard with swings, slides, sand, and...a POOL! We went swimming there 4 different times. I think our kids think the Newtons are their grandparents in a way, now. I've heard them saying "Grandma and Grandpa Newton" a few times.

Matthew was feeling a little cranky. I think he wanted in the pool. And they think the Newton grandkids are their cousins, too. They have all played together and have lots of fun. The best part about the pool are the rope swing and the slide. Here's Micah on the swing, and all the kids are lined up to 'one-up' each other on the slide.

Cute little Paige and Doug

That's Mira going down the slide.

Micah spent most of his time on the swing.

Theron just went in and Colin's waiting his turn.

Colin's raring to go!

Ella, Grant, Catherine, Theron


Grant (Did I already tell you about Grant on the verge of going under? He was on the edge of the shallow and deep and couldn't get his footing. Doug was the only one who noticed and jumped in, clothes, shoes and all. And his Flip video recorder was in his pocket. Yes, not good. But you don't think about that when you see your child in distress. They had to buy a new video recorder. Bum deal.)

Thanks, Newtons, for being our second family!

Matthew is One

Our little precious has turned one. So much learning in 12 short months! I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, this guy's a delight for our family. We all love him to pieces. And I have so many helpers! Having a baby's so much easier now!
I'd had grand plans of making Matthew an adorable airplane cake. (He loves seeing airplanes in the sky. If he thinks he hears one, he'll stop what he's doing and really look for it.) But it had been a busy day, and after an evening of swimming, we stopped by the grocery store and just bought cupcakes and ice cream. I thought, surely he'll devour the cupcake. Unlike my first few children who had no treats whatsoever before they were one, I have become lackadaisical in my parenting, apparently. This one's had ice cream shared with him, french fries, popsicles, etc. Well, he was none too impressed with the chocolate cupcake. it went everywhere but his mouth.
Here, Colin! Have mine!

The kids thought it was funny how he'd toss the cupcake in pieces to the floor.

However, once the ice cream came...he's a man after my own heart.

We love you, Matthew!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Park City

We all met up one last time before the Truemplers/Piersons had to head back to San Jose. It proved to be a beautiful day in Park City. We tromped along old Main Street. We took up the entire sidewalk and were slow-going, what with all the little ones.
Here are Mira, Matthew, Mom, Ella, Dad, Diane, Wolfgang, Alexis, and Corinne.

The kids got quickly bored with our walk. But the statues were nice for picture-taking.

While Mom and Dad had lunch with Diane, Wolfgang, Alexis and her kids, we hung around outside at a little pavilion. This is where Matthew took his real official first steps. He was so proud, almost as proud as we all were of him! I got the cutest video of him clapping for himself when he got to standing. He enjoyed all the attention.
We had contemplated taking the kids down the Alpine Slides, but just couldn't justify $12 per person per ride! But after we went our separate ways, Diane, Wolfgang, Alexis and her kids did go and they had a great time. I told Chad we need to plan a little getaway for ourselves and do those slide, the zip line, coaster, take a tour of the Olympic facilities, and watch the freestyle show they have up there. That would be perfect!

Sunday with Family

I don't think any of us had really recovered from Saturday's excitement. But we didn't let that stop us from getting together again. We had a barbeque at our place with Mom and Dad, Doug and Rach's fam, Uncle Wolfgang, Aunt Diane, Alexis and her kids.

Colin and Theron sure can relate. They've told and retold the same couple of jokes I don't know how many times. And it didn't get old. The younger kids picked up on that and that, my friend, is how a joke makes it through the decades and across continents. (Especially if it has potty humor.)Aw.

Little Paige (or, as I like to call her, Paige-y)

Austin finally let me take a picture of him!

Doug and little Juliette. She's such a pretty little thing with great eyelashes.

Kate and Chad going through the video closet looking for something good.

Micah, Grant, and Corinne had fun together.

Our Matthew is starting to walk!

After we'd exhausted conversation (like I said, we were all still tired from the day before!), everyone went home to rest, except Doug and Rach's crew stayed over that night. We did a campfire in the backyard and made S'mores.

Doug, Kate, Juliette, Rachel, Grant, Colin, Theron, Chad, Ella, Mira, Micah