Monday, June 27, 2011

Park City

We all met up one last time before the Truemplers/Piersons had to head back to San Jose. It proved to be a beautiful day in Park City. We tromped along old Main Street. We took up the entire sidewalk and were slow-going, what with all the little ones.
Here are Mira, Matthew, Mom, Ella, Dad, Diane, Wolfgang, Alexis, and Corinne.

The kids got quickly bored with our walk. But the statues were nice for picture-taking.

While Mom and Dad had lunch with Diane, Wolfgang, Alexis and her kids, we hung around outside at a little pavilion. This is where Matthew took his real official first steps. He was so proud, almost as proud as we all were of him! I got the cutest video of him clapping for himself when he got to standing. He enjoyed all the attention.
We had contemplated taking the kids down the Alpine Slides, but just couldn't justify $12 per person per ride! But after we went our separate ways, Diane, Wolfgang, Alexis and her kids did go and they had a great time. I told Chad we need to plan a little getaway for ourselves and do those slide, the zip line, coaster, take a tour of the Olympic facilities, and watch the freestyle show they have up there. That would be perfect!

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