Monday, June 27, 2011

Retirement Party: Dad's Side of the Family

One highlight of the surprise party was Dad's reaction to seeing Uncle Dennis. It's been quite some time since they've been together. This day was made all the more special by his being there. I'll have to post the video I took. I'll always remember it.


Cousin Cathy, what a sweetheart

Cousin Stephen, a great guy

There may be 10 years' difference between these two, but their resemblance is uncanny! I remember going to Oregon for a visit about 13 years ago and being taken aback by not only the physical commonalities, but the voice, gestures, and expressions.

Gabby, Chris, Dad, Uncle Dennis, Chris Pheil (cousin Cathy's hubby)

Mom met Carole (Stephen's wife) for the first time. They hit it right off.

Carole, Mom, Cathy: some great conversationalists!

Chris Pheil

Love those smiles!

In the shade of Dad's favorite part of the yard.

Stephen, Carole, Chris, Cathy...a huge thanks to them for taking time away from their lives to be with us on this special day!

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