Sunday, June 26, 2011

Retirement Party: Friends and Co-Workers

Here are Chris, Gaby, Rob & Kay Isakson, and Joan Newton visiting. I think Chris is retelling his and Gaby's first meeting at the gym. You'll notice some of the handiwork, courtesy of the kids (streamers on the table).
Jade, Dad's cubemate on the left, Dad, and Rob Isakson.

Uncle Wolfgang, Dad, and neighbor Alan Martindale

Rob and Kay Isakson. Mom and Kay have been coworkers and neighbors. But most of all they are good friends.

Lots of hugging going on! Dad greets his coworker, Fred Hedgpeth, one really nice guy.

Me, Marina Rodin, Fred Hedgpeth, and Jade Tyner, all Dad's coworkers.

Kay and Rob Isakson, Colleen Martindale and Mom's principal Becky Hale in the background, then Mom and Dad's neighbors Val and Kathy Adams

Colleen Martindale (next-door neighbor), and Mom's principal Becky Hale

One of Mom's coworkers signing the book. The book consisted of letters friends and family had written to Mom and Dad.

Stacie Morris (Mom's coworker), Becky Hale, Colleen Martindale, Douggie-Pooh

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Maren and Blake said...

You kids are so great for putting this together. It looks like there was a huge turnout. Can't wait to hear more about it.