Sunday, June 26, 2011

Retirement Party: Mom's Side of the Family

What a special thing it was to have Aunt Diane, Uncle Wolfgang, Alexis and her two children, Corinne and Austin. Mom was totally blown away. We so appreciate their efforts in making this a day to remember!
Dad greeting Uncle Wolfgang

Chris and Uncle Wolfgang visit

Aunt Diane and Mom. I can see a lot of Gram in Aunt Diane, I am now realizing!

It was pretty quiet for the first bit of the party, then Doug and Rachel brought their kids over (along with a couple of little cousins) so that Corinne and Austin had some playmates. Here are Corinne and Kate in the pool and Grant and his cousin Andrew in the background.

Cousin Steve Miller and Uncle Wolfgang visit. Rachel looks like she's serenading them, doesn't she?

Chad, Matthew, me, Alexis, and Aunt Diane. We all started out on the deck, but as friends left the party, all the family gathered down on the lawn in the shade to visit. It was a beautiful day for the party!

What am I telling Alexis?

Alexis and Aunt Diane chilling. We were all getting pretty tired. Apparently, Aunt Diane and Uncle Wolfgang had a ghost in their hotel room. Or something that sounded like it was walking around their room all night long, which makes for a rough night's sleep.

Steve and Uncle Wolfgang again

Uncle Wolfgang loves to chat!

Doug was in charge of still photos and I took flip video. I'll have to post what I took.

Corinne with cousins in the background. They kind of took over the basement with the balloons and settled in for a movie.

Another cute shot of Corinne. Austin was having none of this picture-taking business!

Is that right?

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