Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming at the Newton's

Besides the pleasure of having Doug and Rachel here for three weeks, we got to spend time at Rachel's parents' house. And are they ever set up for grandkids! They've got a huge backyard with swings, slides, sand, and...a POOL! We went swimming there 4 different times. I think our kids think the Newtons are their grandparents in a way, now. I've heard them saying "Grandma and Grandpa Newton" a few times.

Matthew was feeling a little cranky. I think he wanted in the pool. And they think the Newton grandkids are their cousins, too. They have all played together and have lots of fun. The best part about the pool are the rope swing and the slide. Here's Micah on the swing, and all the kids are lined up to 'one-up' each other on the slide.

Cute little Paige and Doug

That's Mira going down the slide.

Micah spent most of his time on the swing.

Theron just went in and Colin's waiting his turn.

Colin's raring to go!

Ella, Grant, Catherine, Theron


Grant (Did I already tell you about Grant on the verge of going under? He was on the edge of the shallow and deep and couldn't get his footing. Doug was the only one who noticed and jumped in, clothes, shoes and all. And his Flip video recorder was in his pocket. Yes, not good. But you don't think about that when you see your child in distress. They had to buy a new video recorder. Bum deal.)

Thanks, Newtons, for being our second family!

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