Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy Little Boy

Matthew is getting down this walking thing. And with that comes speed. When he's got steady legs, he's a quick little thing, especially if he thinks you're coming after him. The last week or so he's been getting into so much mischief! If I want him contained, then I have to close all doors. He loves putting things into containers. For example: my cell phone in the garbage can. Luckily, I could call it and hear it ringing, and thus locate it. Unlike my Flip video recorder. I think that made it all the way to the dump. And a library DVD cover for which I had to pay $20. Then there are the toys down the vents, clothes down the toilets, etc. And there are stairs. He wants on those! I'm teaching him "go down on your belly," and he's getting the hang of it. But he could tumble down any time. He requires constant attention. The only times I can get things done is if he's down to sleep, Chad's home, or the kids want to watch him. Whew! But he's worth it.

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Maren and Blake said...

I totally get it. Our garbage is locked up. I found my cell phone and camera in there once. These two boys are going to be trouble next week.