Saturday, July 23, 2011

Park City Getaway

At the beginning of summer, I told Chad I wanted to go all by ourselves to Park City and play like kids. I've been wanting to do the ZipRider, Alpine Slide, and Alpine Coaster. My parents made this possible by staying at our house to watch the kids for us. We used Mom and Dad Barnett's Camperworld pass to have a spot to pitch our tent. We had a pool, bathroom and showers, and even an electrical outlet to inflate our air mattress. So how "roughing it" can we call that?
After waking up Saturday, we packed up and took off to Park City. Our first stop was the Olympic Park, which was really something. We took a guided tour and watched a freestyle show. Those athletes are amazing! We did our fair share of "ooohing and aaahing."

It was a scorcher of a day, and we brought home a nice farmer's tan (or burn). But our next stop was to the rides at Park City. We picked the busiest day of summer to come, it being the 24th weekend. We had to wait in looong lines, but the rides were pretty great. I'd love to take the kids sometime. Here we are going up the chair lift to the Ziprider.

Then going up the coaster in preparation for the ride. It got my adrenaline going!

A view from the chair lift back toward all the festivities.

And on the chair lift again for the Alpine Slide.

I would've taken video of some of the rides, but it was prohibited. And would have taken away from the experience, anyway. I'm so glad we went. It felt wonderful and relaxing to be away and do whatever we wanted on our timetable for 25 whole hours!

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Marsha said...

Such a great "day"te. I'm glad you made it happen.