Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Restaurant Club

For the past week Colin has been interested in gathering a few recipes to exchange with his friends. I was wondering what this was about, and now I have a better idea. Yesterday Colin and his friend, Orion asked if they could make some recipes. (And I'm thinking, "Messy, sticky, spills...) I said they could as long as they cleaned it all up. Then I just had to leave the room so I wouldn't be tempted to clean up after them or restrict their creativity.

This is what our counter looked like: I smelled things and heard a lot of commotion. After they'd made their concoctions, they invited the younger three into the kitchen to be the taste-testers.
Colin is recruiting new restaurant club members. Here is the paper he and Orion made up about their club:

Restaurant name: Colin and Orion's Eat Out

Motto: "Take it and eat it. It's good!"

Recipes: sugar fruit, Hershey's syrup delight, silver water, cocoa peanut butter cracker brittle, brown powder, cinnamon applesauce, fruit smoothies, orange julius.


Maren and Blake said...

Was any of it good? Tell Colin, I look forward to eating his cooking in a couple of weeks.

Marsha said...

I'm curious about the brown powder? I can't even guess what that would be. Please share. I love their motto. Who can argue with that reasoning? Ha, ha.