Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Arriving at Bill's Island

Micah on the tube
Amber going for a spin

Ella, content to hang out

Alan, Ella, Mira, Maren, Braden (is that Braden?)

The only way this trip was as amazing as it was is due to Marens' generous aunt and uncle. They have got a perfect spot on Bill's Island (Island Park) which they allowed us to stay in for an entire week. We are so grateful to them for the opportunity. Here is their "trabin" as they call it. It certainly doesn't look like anything fancy, but I'll tell you what, it had everything we needed! And we were glad to have it. Blake, Maren, their boys and our family stayed here while Alan, Janna, and Amber stayed at a site about 2 miles away in their trailer. They'd come over to be with us during the day and for meals.
The trabin has a great deck, fully outfitted with chairs, toys, tubes, canoes, etc. You can see to the right is a tent. We brought that up.

This is how far the water was from the deck. I mean, it was ideal. Not too close for the little ones, but you just tromp on down and there you are! And what more do you need for kids to have fun than trees, dirt, rocks and sticks? Honestly.

Chad was such a trooper. He slept in the tent with the older 4 kids the entire week. I know as the week wore on it got a little harder, but he did it so I didn't have to. Thank you, honey!

And the kids did great in the tent! I was pleasantly surprised. They were warm enough and didn't complain. After the kids would fall asleep, Chad would come back inside the trabin to visit each night.

Snuggly warm.

When we first arrived, we couldn't resist an outing in the boat. The water here was not icy cold like you might expect a lake to be. It was rather pleasant, thankfully.

Here are Ella and Chad. She had fun, but I noticed as the week wore on, she opted not to even put on her suit, but rather hang out in the boat with her toys, bundled up in her blanket, and just watched.

Mira loved the boat. She was an adventurous little girl.

Chad and Ella after a ride on the tube. I think this is the best activity ever. No skill required. You just get on the tube and hang on for dear life while you're given a wild ride. Of course, with the kids, it was different. They had a nice, easy ride. And they enjoyed it.

Ella and Colin shivering a bit. The beginning of the week was a little more overcast.

Sunday, we attended church at Island Park. They had about 2,000 people for sacrament meeting! There were two large chapels which were completely filled, they used overflow rooms, and there were still people outside on the lawn listening via the PA system! And that wasn't unusual. Apparently, it's that busy and even more so during the winter.

After church we headed to Upper Mesa Falls for some sightseeing. There was a little hands-on museum which was great. There were all sorts of pelts from animals found in the area. We had fun quizzing each other on which animal was which. They are all such beautiful animals.

Chad carried Matthew around in the pack the entire trip. Matthew enjoyed his vantage point, I do believe.
Micah had this outfit picked out for our trip, in order to be more "authentic." Well, it was a little rainy off and on this day, and Amber didn't want her hair to get wet, so she promised Micah $1 if he let her use his hat. Here he is, coming back shouting with excitement over earning $1.

Colin measuring himself at the snow gauge.

And here they all are at the falls. Very pretty. You can't see it here, but across from the falls there's a microclimate due to the mist coming off the falls. It looks so different from the coniferous trees everywhere else. And you wonder if any of the natives or explorers ever got caught by surprise when they came upon the falls. I imagine canoeing down this river, and then "BAM" there is the warning!

Mira with Upper Mesa Falls behind her

Our family at the falls

This is a rather nice one.

Mira helped me with Matthew. She's so wonderful.

Okay, so ATVs were next up. We had to try everything! There were 2 ATVs and the kids were chomping at the bit, waiting their turns.

I will call this "Ella's Barbie pose." She really is posing. Colin's just thinking, "Get that ATV back ASAP."

Mira being silly.

Amber, Mira, Alan, Blake, Brody, and Janna keeping an eye on the kids

Matthew with dirt on his face. Taste testing, you know.

Chad and Micah come zooming back. What fun!

Maren took Braden out. I wonder what he thought of it...

Even Ella shocked me on the ATV. She would yell, "Faster! Go over a bump!" Then she'd put her hands into the air and yell, "This is so freaking fun!" (Don't know where she learned that.) Colin did a great job driving (with Chad or me on the back). Micah got to drive, too. Mira had fun. This was another first for our family on this trip.

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Marsha said...

My favorite photo is the one of Micah in his "authentic" outfit. Does he think people in Yellowstone are farmers? So funny.