Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bear and Wolf Discovery and Water Time

Monday we had some more rainy weather. We were concerned this would be the forecast for the entire week. (Happily it wasn't.) But either way, we were determined to make the most of the situation. We were going to go into Yellowstone, but stopped by the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center in hopes of keeping dry until it cleared up. The center itself was smallish and so-so, and we headed outside to watch the animal life, but that was also so-so (maybe the weather was affecting our outlook?).
Does the look on Mira's face tell you so?

They did, however, have a bird show, which was really good.
Our family outside the Discovery Center

Micah with a bison. Let's be clear. Bison. Buffalo live in Africa.

Colin with the...that's right...bison.



We got to see an elk! Pretty little thing.

Back at the trabin, the hammock was fun.

Oh, these pictures are all out of order. I don't remember what we did which day anymore. It's all a blur. But here are Micah, Chad, Colin, and Ella out in the water.

Mira had fun in the sand.

I love her little face!

She loved having pictures taken of her.

Braden enjoyed playing in the sand as well.

Blake and Maren and...Brody! Hey, guys! Do you see your son! Stop goofing off and take care of your son, will ya? :)

Braden, Blake, Maren

Mira, me, Ella on das Boot.

Micah and Chad

Another first for a few of us was driving the boat. Now that I've done that, I feel confident doing it. And I docked the boat beautifully, if I do say so myself. So now we just need a boat, right?

Colin, Braden, Maren, Brody

Mira and Braden discussing paddling technique.

Maren and I went for a wild ride on the tube. It is not easy, two grown people sharing a single tube. But we worked it out.

Cute, huh? But, man, whose hand is that? Man hands! My hand isn't that big, is it? Tell me it's the angle of the camera or something!

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Marsha said...

Bison. Thank goodness someone else has taken that cause up. I have felt so alone in my quest to get this information out there. It grates on me-just a little bit-every time I hear the word Buffalo.