Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School

Here they are! Colin starting 5th, Micah 3rd, and Ella 1st. Three days into things, and it's looking great. Colin's teacher is awesome...Colin thinks so, too. She shares snacks with them, lets them doodle while she reads aloud, etc. I like her because she is really on the ball with a daily blog. And she has an open door policy. She told me I'm welcome to bring the little kids in with me whenever I want to.
In Micah's class, he got to bring a few items to share about himself. He brought a picture of himself on a horse, a Wii game, his ballet shoes, and a picture of the Cologne Cathedral. He and Colin met up during their recess today and played touch football. That made me so happy to hear!
Ella is loving her class! Especially the French. She came home today saying in a cute little accent, "Hello, my name is Ella." (I won't try to spell it in French.) And I'll hear her sometimes making little snippets of things that sound French. It's pretty adorable.
Mira is just my happy little sidekick all day long. I really love having her with me. She is so helpful with Matthew and just in general. I can focus more on her during the day. But once the kids all are together, it's pretty nuts. It's all I can do to get us home in the car in one piece.
And can I say how wonderful it is to have a mother who is retired, living 1 hour away? Man, she has saved my bacon at least a couple of times just in the last few months. And she is happy to help wherever she's needed, with not a second thought. She's an amazingly selfless person. It is pretty stinking awesome to get her as a mom.


Amber said...

Love the new family picture!

Babelicious said...

They all look so grown up. My daughter would LOVE the French immersion program. She's always asking me how to say things in french. It's too bad I only know "Hello, how are you?" and "Goodbye."

Marsha said...

I'm sorry, but are your children going to public school? I must have missed the French lessons in 1st grade. I think I need to read some back posts to see where you are sending your kids.