Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Day Prep

Tomorrow is the big day. Colin, Micah, and Ella start at their new elementary school, Fox Hollow. Colin will begin 5th grade, Micah 3rd, and Ella will now be all day long in 1st. Our breakfast tradition during the year on school mornings is no breakfast cereal, but more filling breakfasts that will sustain them until lunchtime. The request for tomorrow was waffles. It may be the night before, but as you can see, it's almost all ready to go. That, with some cantaloupe and hot chocolate will make for some very happy bellies tomorrow.
We get the kids up at 6:45 (brutal for Colin) and they come up and eat while Chad does the scripture read-aloud. Then we try to get the boys to squeeze in practice on an instrument before they're off to school.
We had back to school night and got to meet the teachers. Chad and I are both impressed with Colin's. Micah's seems very nice. Because Ella is in the French Immersion Program, she'll have two teachers. Her French teacher will speak only French in class. In fact, when we did hear her speak to parents, it was in broken English. This will be an adventure, I am sure!


Maren and Blake said...

I am excited to see how things go. I can't wait to see the first day of school post.

Marsha said...

Ahh. French Immersion I get the french for Ella.