Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is the only proof I have that I drove the boat. Who took that anyway? However, I did not drive the boat for wakeboarders. That takes a little more skill.
Blake was my official driver and he did great. Everyone was really patient while I tried and tried and tried to get out of the water. I was determined! See that smile?

Still getting the feel of it.


Colin was a complete stud.

Micah gave it a couple of tries, but decided he wasn't quite ready.

After this experience I feel more emboldened to try new things. In fact, today I told Colin I wanted to learn to ride his RipStick. So we went out front and he gave me some pointers. And after several attempts, I started getting the hang of it! I need to work on it, but I might have to buy myself a board.

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