Wednesday, August 10, 2011


America's first National Park! We went into Yellowstone two different days. The big sights, for us, were Old Faithful, the geysers and hot springs, and wildlife spotted off the sides of the road. Now this picture is not one I took, but it shows the amazing colors some of the springs have. You'll notice how it's dark blue in the center. This is due to the bacteria which can withstand the hottest part of the spring (over 200 degrees in the blue). As you move outward, it gets cooler, and different bacteria can survive at each of those locations, which affect the color. Is that incredible, or what?
And we can now call Ella, with her acute olfactory sense "The Nose." If we got anywhere near a hot spring, she could hardly stand it. That, and the heat that came wafting toward the path made it unbearable for her. But she survived.
Mira, happy with her box of Apple Jacks, wandering amongst the hot springs and geysers.

The first day we went to the Lower Geyser Basin, which didn't have any boardwalks, so you felt like you could accidentally step onto unstable ground.

Another day we went to the Middle and Upper Geyser Basins. This was more like it! Lots of vivid colors, hot, stinky steam...lots to see.

Chad the Dad.

Colin was the self-appointed video recorder. And I'm glad he did it because I really didn't get much video.

The kids discussing the finer points of thermodynamics...or something.

Matthew, content as could be. When he was out of the carrier, he would've been happy to step right off the boardwalk and head straight for the 200+ degree water. So we kept him confined.

Ella and Mira at Old Faithful

Walking with good ol' Uncle Blake.

All lined up, ready for the big show Old Faithful has to offer. By the time it rolled around, they were wrapped up in forming mounds of gravel. We pointed out O.F., but they weren't that impressed.

Cousins. Hey, we'll take what we can get.

Now that's a great one of Colin with Old Faithful in the background. Thanks for capturing that, Maren.

Some more beautiful colors, thanks to the funky bacteria.

Before Old Faithful went off, the kids had a great time exploring around some felled logs.

As we came upon the Grand Prismatic Spring, you can see the steam reflecting the turquoise and orange colors. It was something else!

I'd be interested to see what a camera picks up, down in this spring. How far does it go?

Skippin' stones, munching on snacks, that's all you need in life.
That actually reminds me of a comment that Ella had to the Beatles song "Love is All You Need." We were listening to this in the car, the kids are all singing along, and then Ella says, "Hey! That's not true. You need food, water, clothes..." We laughed.

An awesome bison we got to see

Mira and the bison in the background. It was just dandy with me not to get any closer.

Colin, Janna, and Ella at a super stinky spring.

Blake and Maren's cute family. Love them!

Matthew, me, and Mira taking in the rotten eggs.

Playing around before Old Faithful

Colin lost a tooth! (on the bottom, you can't see it) And the tooth fairy made it even while we were on vacation. Good for her because if she screws up one more time, there will be riots.

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Marsha said...

I'm with Ella on the stinky geyser's, but they sure are beautiful.