Monday, September 26, 2011

Blue in the Face

This is my first experience with a child who gets so upset he cries without breathing--for what feels like a very long time. He has not passed out...yet. If he gets really angry or hurt he will do a normal cry until he exhausts all his air, then he just stops doing anything. His lips go purple, then bluish. If he's standing, he'll fall down unless we're quick to lay him down so he doesn't get hurt. Then we hold him and tell him, "Breathe, Matthew." There's nothing else that can be done. It's a pretty terrible thing, watching your 14 month-old do this. Finally, when you think he's gone, he'll take a breath. He does a pathetic cry, then is so exhausted, he lets us comfort him while he takes a few minutes just lying there. We're realize now that this is just his M.O. I've heard of toddlers who get so angry they purposefully hold their breath until they pass out. This seems different. He's not being defiant, he's just very upset and it's his "very very upset cry." Scary, though.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Much to Report

No pictures taken this last week, but we did do soccer games and Colin scored one goal, Micah played goalie and stopped some balls, Mira scored 2 (both for her team, she was disappointed she didn't score 5 like last week) and assisted one, and Ella dribbled the ball from one end of the field to the other and scored one big fat one!

Chad and I went on a date (first in a long time) to an RSL game. We reminded each other that we need to do this more often. It was so nice to be away, just the two of us, and watch a great game. RSL beat Kansas City 1-0. They are some amazing players.

A friend of mine, Sung Hee, and I are trading babysitting every other week so we can help out in the classrooms. I really didn't do much of this last year (my excuse is the baby, of course). I really wanted to show my face in school more. It means so much to the kids to see me there. They feel extra-special. I get to see how the teacher is explaining new concepts, I observe the other children in the classroom to get an idea of the dynamics. It's pretty interesting. And I like to be of help. Today I'm going into Micah's classroom to help them cook food in their pizza box ovens. Thanks to Mom, I get to go to Ella's classroom Thursday and see how things are done in French. I'm looking forward to that.

Ella brought home a paper with color names on it. I was drawing from my knowledge of German and Spanish pronunciation, and tried to say the names. Ella just laughed and said, "Mom, you are saying that wrong!" Then she'd demonstrate for me.

Different subject: Christmas. For months now, Micah has been thinking of his Christmas list. He and Colin have some definite ideas as to what they want. That's fine. But I told them once they get their lists, they'll need to prioritize them. When I mentioned that, you could see the pained look on Micah's face as if to say, "How in the world am I going to decide which things I want most?" But they can't have it all!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Soccer

Here are the cuties, all ready for soccer games. Before going any further, I have to give a huge shout-0ut to my and Chad's parents. They have been coming alternating Saturdays in order to help get all four children to their respective games. We could not do it without them!
Chad is the coach for Colin's team this year, plus he's the U12 age group coordinator. So we are all soccered up!
Matthew's been a little trooper, happily going from game to game. He's even learning to dribble a ball. Brilliant child, he is.

Mira is an amazing little player. Last game she scored...count 'em...FIVE goals! (Nevermind that two were for the other team. That whole switching sides after halftime is so confusing.) She has no problem getting right in there. It is so fun to watch.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cecret Lake

We had a great plan to go up Little Cottonwood to a place a friend told me about, Cecret Lake. Well, Micah must've caught whatever Mira and I have had, and he was up last night pretty ill. Poor guy. And all the kids were so looking forward to going, especially when they heard there were salamanders to be caught. Chad ended up taking the other three with a promise they would take pictures and bring back a salamander for Micah.
I guess lots of other people had the same idea, because Chad said it was really busy up there. But it sounds beautiful. There are lots of wildflowers, and the scenery is great.
We might venture up there again on Saturday because Micah really had his heart set on going.

They did see salamanders, and had brought up a jar in which to keep one, but they were a bit farther in the water than expected. They weren't able to get too close. One man there had Crocs and a net and had caught one. He let the kids take it.

They were pretty darned excited about this little guy, especially to show Micah. So he's taken up residence in our old snake tank. From what I've learned online, they need to eat every 1-3 days. That'll keep the kids busy in the yard searching for crickets, worms, etc. I hope the little guy survives!

Pizza Box Oven

Micah's teacher assigned each student to make a solar oven out of a pizza box. He and I had fun putting it together. I liked it because it was simple, but took a little collaboration to do it. He knew exaclty what to do and was a bit impatient with me while I was reading through the instructions.

Next week, once everyone turns in their boxes, they're going to cook nachoes and s'mores in it. Afterward, he wants to bring it home and cook something. He even offered to donate it to "Colin and Orion's Super Sales". Orion made the comment, "I'll bet we can cook a lasagne in it! Chad and I got a laugh out of that. Cute.