Monday, September 26, 2011

Blue in the Face

This is my first experience with a child who gets so upset he cries without breathing--for what feels like a very long time. He has not passed out...yet. If he gets really angry or hurt he will do a normal cry until he exhausts all his air, then he just stops doing anything. His lips go purple, then bluish. If he's standing, he'll fall down unless we're quick to lay him down so he doesn't get hurt. Then we hold him and tell him, "Breathe, Matthew." There's nothing else that can be done. It's a pretty terrible thing, watching your 14 month-old do this. Finally, when you think he's gone, he'll take a breath. He does a pathetic cry, then is so exhausted, he lets us comfort him while he takes a few minutes just lying there. We're realize now that this is just his M.O. I've heard of toddlers who get so angry they purposefully hold their breath until they pass out. This seems different. He's not being defiant, he's just very upset and it's his "very very upset cry." Scary, though.


Maren and Blake said...

This is scary. I was told by my doctors at early appointments that they will just pass out. For some reason, it calms me down. I am sure it would really freak me out if it actually happened. Poor little Matthew.

Marsha said...

Wow, I'm sure it scares you every time, but probably the first time was the worst. What does his pediatrician say?

Nicole Barnett said...

He actually did it (sort of) at the pediatricians and she said, "Wow, does he do this a lot? Well, the good thing is, if he passes out, it's his body's way of forcing him to breathe."