Monday, September 5, 2011

Cecret Lake

We had a great plan to go up Little Cottonwood to a place a friend told me about, Cecret Lake. Well, Micah must've caught whatever Mira and I have had, and he was up last night pretty ill. Poor guy. And all the kids were so looking forward to going, especially when they heard there were salamanders to be caught. Chad ended up taking the other three with a promise they would take pictures and bring back a salamander for Micah.
I guess lots of other people had the same idea, because Chad said it was really busy up there. But it sounds beautiful. There are lots of wildflowers, and the scenery is great.
We might venture up there again on Saturday because Micah really had his heart set on going.

They did see salamanders, and had brought up a jar in which to keep one, but they were a bit farther in the water than expected. They weren't able to get too close. One man there had Crocs and a net and had caught one. He let the kids take it.

They were pretty darned excited about this little guy, especially to show Micah. So he's taken up residence in our old snake tank. From what I've learned online, they need to eat every 1-3 days. That'll keep the kids busy in the yard searching for crickets, worms, etc. I hope the little guy survives!

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