Monday, September 5, 2011

Pizza Box Oven

Micah's teacher assigned each student to make a solar oven out of a pizza box. He and I had fun putting it together. I liked it because it was simple, but took a little collaboration to do it. He knew exaclty what to do and was a bit impatient with me while I was reading through the instructions.

Next week, once everyone turns in their boxes, they're going to cook nachoes and s'mores in it. Afterward, he wants to bring it home and cook something. He even offered to donate it to "Colin and Orion's Super Sales". Orion made the comment, "I'll bet we can cook a lasagne in it! Chad and I got a laugh out of that. Cute.


Babelicious said...

I love it!!

Maren and Blake said...

You will have to let us know how it works. I would love to cook some good food in a pizza box.