Friday, October 28, 2011

The Barnett Pumpkin Patch

The best thing we did with our garden this year was to plant pumpkins. Two plants produced nearly twenty pumpkins. We let the kids take turns picking out 2 each for carving.

Matthew's needed a kiss, apparently.

After some tears (more than a few), Mira was finally convinced the best ones weren't taken. In fact, we had to draw numbers in order to do the picking so it was as fair as could be. But that doesn't keep it from seeming unfair, does it?

Next year, it will be one pumpkin per person for carving. It took both Chad, Colin, and me scooping guts for quite a while. Then I got to do all the carving. The boys wanted theirs to be Angry Birds (I still don't know what they are), and the girls did more traditional Jack-O'-Lanterns.


Maren and Blake said...

Love it. We will need to attempt a garden and then some pumpkins.

Marsha said...

Have you ever tried, dinner in a pumpkin? It's one of my favorite fall foods. I just bought my pumpkin this week and can't wait to have it.