Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Another adorable one of Mira. Many days she is found in her dance recital outfits, halloween costumes, fancy dresses, or princess dresses. She loves to be fancy. And she's thrilled her hair is getting longer. The other day Grandma Miller even braided it for her. She looked so pretty.
For movie night last week we watched Harry Potter 7, part 1. The kids were so excited to see it. Even the girls. Micah's all snuggled up with toys he bought from a local garage sale. Speaking of garage sale, all four kids went over and bought lots of...stuff. And here I am thinking, "Oh, you're kidding. I've still got our own toyboxes to sift through and now we've got all this?" But they thought it was aweseome. And I have to remind myself how it is being young. I used to love that stuff too.

Colin ready for the movie! Next week we're watching "The Bad News Bears." Yay!

Mr. Matthew with his new haircut. Kind of a funky expression, but he thinks he's hot stuff when he climbs up in a chair. He'll just hang out there for a couple of minutes as if to say, "Yes, I did this. Don't I look grown up like the rest of you?"

"Helping out" in the bathroom. More like turning on water, getting into toilet paper, playing with cleansers, flushing toilets, sticking socks in toilets, you get the picture.

Ella is getting so independent these days! Here she is fixing her own hair into a pony. And she does quite well. She proudly wore her ponytail to school. She informed me she would be wearing this hairstyle all year long since she can do it herself. I posed the possiblity of Mom helping occassionally with other styles. She acquiesced. Whew.

Some of the new skills my six year-old can now do: ride a two-wheeler, take a shower by herself and wash her own hair, tie her shoes without any help or direction, read, do her homework without complaint. Isn't she amazing? I'm proud of you, Ella. Love you.
Today I was going through the dress up closet in preparation for Halloween, and Mira had a lot of fun looking through everything with me. Here she is with one of my old dance costumes. It's definitely old school, but she thinks it is all that.


Maren and Blake said...

I love the last picture of Mira. I love that it was your old outfit even better. So cute!

alan barnett said...

Ella you doing great in learning to do your hair. It took me a lot longer. Mira who is cute in anything you wear abd Matthew looks a lot bigger with his hair cut.. The boys are funnier as ever.

we love you and hope you having a great week