Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cornbelly's Second Year

After our great experience last year with Cornbelly's, we knew it was something we wanted to do each year. The kids were so excited about it. They had plans as to which activities they must do. Ella, Mira, and I made our rounds to a few wooden structures which they played on.
They have things for kids of all ages. I followed Matthew as he made his way through a teeny tiny cornmaze. It was perfect for him and he thought he was hot stuff. He found this corn on the cob and had a taste, but didn't think much of that!

Look what I found, Mom!

We went on the "Grain Train" and saw their kooky scarecrows. Goofy, but we loved it.

Here is our family shot of the day. Behind us is a creature which you can go inside and experience all things spooky. The boys did this last year and vowed never to do it again. Well, they couldn't resist, and Chad went in with Mira, Colin, and Micah. One minute later, Colin comes tearing out of there, the next minute comes Micah, and then Mira clutching Chad's hand with a terrified look on her face. They didn't need to see anything to get spooked.

Cowgirl Ella. Why rope a bull when you can ride one?

Sweet ol' Mira.

Apparently, Colin is the tetherball champ of his grade. He tells me about boys who call him undefeated and keep going up against him, but can't win. I think he's rather proud of being known for that.

Micah's ready for that ball, Colin!

The girls dressed up in beautiful ball gowns. Mira went through just about every single dress in the dress up house. She had to find one that didn't let any of her street clothes show. Fiiiiinally we found this. The girls felt very elegant.

There was a stage with princess music playing and there was much dancing. Inside the dress up house was a Snow White dress just my size!! (Groan.) Mira wanted to be matchy-matchy, and how could I refuse? I waltzed around wearing that and Mira thought I looked just gorgeous. Fortunately for everyone, there are no pictures to show for it.



Maren and Blake said...

This is what I am talking about. This is a real pumpkin patch worth the money. It looks like so much fun. I love that they got scared, I am sure I would too. My mind runs wild. I am sure Colin got some tether ball tips from our summer trip.

Marsha said...

I was kind of hoping for a picture of you in your Snow White dress. ;)