Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making Slime

Micah borrowed a book from the library on how to make homemade slime. Naturally, he was very enthusiastic about trying it out. I'd promised we would make it after dinner was cleaned up. They even ate all their veggies in order to do this.
Micah and Colin shared one batch and talked about how great it would be to sell this to neighbor kids.

Ella and Mira thoroughly enjoyed themselves and also thought they should sell theirs. There was some dispute between the girls and boys about whether the girls should be allowed to sell.

It was fun watching them be so animated over this. The recipe was really simple. And the mess wasn't bad. I'm overly focused on what mess there is going to be for me to clean up, I guess.

This happened to be the day that Chad was leaving for Montana for a few days. As I was preparing dinner and he was getting ready to leave, I was trying to get kids to sit down to dinner. I'm like a one-armed paper hanger, as Mom and Gram would say. It was crazy and I was feeling rather frustrated. Chad looked over to me and said, "Are you going to be okay with me leaving?" Like he or I had a choice at this point! "Yeah, it'll be fine." And then it was me, solo.

Next morning it's me again getting kids up, preparing breakfast, doing scripture study, getting kids out the door to school. I do not take Chad for granted. He is selfless when it comes to helping out in the family. He's always looking for how he can pitch in, whether it's homework, spending time with kids, cleaning up dishes, etc. He's always there. Last night both the boys said, "I miss Dad already." And this morning there was some talk about his absence. We'll be glad to have him back!

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Marsha said...

I believe you get my vote for mother of the year! You let your kids make slime? That is awesome!