Sunday, October 23, 2011

Matthew at Sixteen Months

Matthew spotted Colin and Micah sitting on the couch one morning, enjoying some Berry Colossol Crunch cereal. He had to have in on that goodness. Look at those chipmunk cheeks in the picture below:

Here is what Matthew is like these days:

*Very picky! What he will eat: yogurt, cereal (especially Berry Colossol Crunch!) with milk, grapes, pretzels, milk (especially if it's flavored), apples, string cheese, pizza, and CANDY! Chad says since he's low on the weight chart, let him have anything with calories. I don't know if I like the idea of letting him develop a taste for all that sweet stuff, but Chad's the expert.

*How does he know what all the junk food is? If it's candy in a package, he wants it and wants it now.

*He is starting to say some things. Da da. Mommy. Cuh-cuh (cracker). He does a lot of nonsense talking, which is really fun to hear. I'll be changing his diaper, and he'll just start jabbering about this and that. I just look at him with wide eyes and say, "Really?" He likes that I play along. The kids think it's so funny to hear.

*Chad loves it when he comes home from work and Matthew runs toward him for a hug.

*He loves to help put laundry in the hamper, along with shoes.

*He'll get into the toothpaste drawer and pull out a tub and start sucking on it. One more reason to keep the bathroom doors closed at all times!

*He will snuggle any stuffed animal. So sweet.

*Spins in circles--it's a hoot

*Climbs on chairs, the table

*Likes to swing and slide, climb around play structures

*Flushes toilets repeatedly, gets into anything in drawers and cabinets

*When we say, "Do you want to take a bath?" he makes a beeline for the bathtub

*He actually made himself pass out a week or two ago from crying so hard and not breathing. It only lasted a split second.

*When the doorbell or phone rings, he makes a surprised look and he runs to answer

*He loves "talking" on the phone. Especially if it's Dad or a grandma, he's all ears!

*Likes to be tickled or made to go upsidedown

*He'll sit himself in a small blue box we have

*He'll stop whatever he's doing when he hears a helicopter or airplane and looks for it

*Our family pictures hang in the entry way and he wants to be held up to point to each person (especially the kids) and have me say their names


Marsha said...

I love these kinds of posts. Mostly because I know how much your kids will love having this kind of information when they are older.

Maren and Blake said...

What a sweet little boy. Brody and Matthew have many things in common, especially their love for candy. I don't care about the calories he needs, I can't let him get addicted or we are in for battles for the next several years.