Monday, November 7, 2011


Although we have a bunk bed in the girls' room, the top bunk hasn't been utilized for a couple of months. I think this started due to the fact that someone (we're not naming names here) pushed against the railing and broke a section of the wood. So I nixed anyone up there until we got it repaired. Well, Grandpa Barnett fixed it up for us, but still no one sleeps up there.
For these past weeks, the girls would take turns: one would sleep on the bottom bunk and the other would sleep on the pallet of blankets on the floor. Although I'm sick of seeing blankets all over the floor all the time, they were content and I didn't really mind.
The other day Ella brings this little child-size wooden bench from the backyard into her room. She decides it would make a nifty little bed...just her size. So here she is on her third night sleeping on it. I don't know how she doesn't end up with a horrendous kink in her neck, but she thinks it's just the cutest little bed.
Of course, she does end up on the floor of our room almost every night. But that's nothing new. Someone's always on the floor of our bedroom partway through the night.

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Marsha said...

That does not look comfortable. At. All.