Friday, November 18, 2011

Kids Kids Kids

The thing to do these days is tie a scarf to your ponytail (think Rapunzel), then tie to that another scarf, then a shoelace, then a necklace so as to make it as long as possible. Heaven forbid your sister's is longer than yours! Mira demonstrates:
Matthew's so stinking busy now. He's climbing on counters to get to the phone, or to suck on a glue stick, or to dump out the contents of the pencil box. The toothpaste is the next best thing. And what's better than sucking on one tube of toothpaste?

Sucking on two, of course! We are constantly taking him down from counters, and shutting all bathroom doors. And he does not appreciate it.

Mom and Dad Miller just got back from their big trip and brought home some special things for the kids. They brought the girls these huge soft dolls. They are in love. (And now I don't have to worry about the "My Size Barbie" on the Christmas lists!)

Ella modeling this adorable hat before school:

Mira with hers:

Lately Colin is waaaay into card tricks. He's been getting books from the library, watching how-to videos online, and doing lots of practicing. He's tried out lots of tricks on family.

I tried sneaking in a picture of Micah, but you can see how far I got:


Maren and Blake said...

I sure miss these kids. So much fun! The best thing about grandparents going on cool vacations is getting cool gifts. Maybe Aunt Maren and Uncle Blake should go on some way cool vacation to get some gifts for the kiddos, right? We love you guys very much and appreciate these blog posts to keep us informed.

Marsha said...

Those are great hats. So, Micah doesn't like his picture taken huh? Someday, he will wish he let you take them.