Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Here is the group of our kids plus the Badger's. Phoenix, Natalie, Coln, Micah, Mira, Alyssa, and Ella. All ready for candy!
Natalie, Orion, Colin, and Micah went out on their own this year trick-or-treating. They'd had this planned for quite some time. In fact, Colin made up a map of the neighborhood and which route they would take. They were determined to hit every house and get all the goodies they could.

Chad, the three youngest, and I went out. I only made it to one house before stopping to chat. Chad and the girls headed off on their own. Matthew and I came back to hand out candy. He really enjoyed getting into the bowl. Wasn't so into the dress up this year.

When the girls made it back, they sat outside and took over candy duty. Mira stayed out the longest and when we'd have a dry spell, she'd yell out, "Who wants candy?!"

In preparation for Halloween, Micah made Rice Krispy Treats for us for FHE Sunday night. He was so proud that he knew exactly how to do it since they'd made them at scouts recently.

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Marsha said...

We only got two groups of kids...I really need to move to a neighborhood with kids. Handing out candy is one of my favorite activities. Next time, I will use Mira's method of getting people to come.