Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chef Colin

Colin's shown interest in learning to cook and bake. He's got down how to make scrambled eggs, his favorite go-to breakfast. After I made batter for crêpes one day, he took over the cooking of them. He felt a real sense of accomplishment. Today, since I had time to spare, I told Colin I would have him help me make rolls and chocolate chip cookies. I told myself to be completely hands-off. (Not a natural thing for me.) I stood next to him, talked him through each step, and truly let him do it all. It was pretty great.

Micah and Mira had to be in on it the whole time. Colin even let them each crack an egg, which was generous of him. I told them that since today was Colin's baking day, next week it would be Micah's turn, and then Mira's. (Ella was in the other room reading to Chad and Matthew was in bed, supposed to be sleeping.)
He really loved doing it all. And I discovered he's more capable in the kitchen than I give him credit for. I'm determined to dedicate a little more time here and there to doing this one-on-one with the kids. They so enjoy it and it's fun to spend the time teaching them a useful skill. Good job, Colin!


Maren and Blake said...

Way to go mom! I have been trying to be patient with Braden in the kitchen, however, I am sure nothing turns out as good as Colin's food. You should teach him how to make dinner and make one night a week Colin's dinner night. Best for all involved.

Marsha said...

Yes, all boys should know how to cook and hopefully better than their wives. Then they can do all the cooking. Hee, hee. That's how it works in my home and I LOVE it.

Jennettehogan said...

Totally have to love a man who knows his way around the kitchen! That is awesome that he likes to cook!